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FX27-60 High Precision Traditional Cylindrical Grinder

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Technical Parameter :

Machine specification
Processing capacity Project Unit FX27-60
Bench rotation mm 270
Spacing between two centers mm 600
maximum weight of the workpiece (with thimble) kg 60
maximum weight of the workpiece (single work head) kg 20
Grinding wheel and feed Angle of rotation (left/right) ±15°
Standard grinding wheel size (outer diameter * width * inner diameter) mm 405×32-50×127
Special grinding wheel size (outer diameter * width * inner diameter) rpm 1650/1850/2100
Grinding wheel shaft speed mm 270
Moving distance mm 40
Rapid feed stroke (hydraulic automatic) mm 20
Spindle stroke (feed per revolution) mm
Spindle stroke (per differential feed) mm
Head frame Spindle rotation mode
Worker rotation angle 30°
Angle of rotation of the grinding wheel
Spindle speed MT-4
Thimble taper 90°
Diameter of spindle through hole mm 25
Tailstock Spindle travel mm 32
Taper thimble MT-4
Workbench Work rotation angle
Angle of rotation of the grinding wheel
Handwheel per revolution feed mm 12.5
Automatic feed rate mm/min 50-4000/min
Internal control grinding device Spindle speed rpm 20000(30000)
Motor kw(HP) 0.75(1)
Motor Grinding wheel shaft kw(HP) 3.75
Work head spindle kw(HP) 0.75
Hydraulic power circulation pump kw(HP) 0.75
Static pressure spindle oil pump 1.5
Grinding tank kw(HP) 0.37
Box capacity Static pressure spindle tank (optional) L 120
Hydraulic power circulation tank L 70
Grinding fluid tank L 200
Others Mechanical device space (length * width * height) mm 2700×1520×1650
net weight kg 2500

Product description :

A、Straight Grinding
In small production, the automatic feed is combined with the non-sparking timer for good grinding quality. In the case of mass production, the automatic outer diameter measuring device (special accessory) is installed to provide the best output and grinding effect (CNC model)

The automatic intermittent feed and hydraulically driven table allow the workpiece to be effectively ground.

C、Face Grinding
Remove the rotating cover of the working spindle head and replace it with a three-jaw or four-jaw chuck. Change the position of the positioning tip to rotate the chuck and fix it at 90 degrees for end grinding.

D、Shoulder Grinding
When the outer diameter of the workpiece and its shoulder need to be finished once, the workpiece is supported by two centerings and the grinding wheel is modified to the right of the grinding wheel head and rotated at an angle to grind.

E、Slope Grinding
The work object can be supported by the chuck or the two centerings, and the work bench and the grinding wheel head can be rotated and adjusted easily

F、Inner Diameter Grinding
Grinding the inner diameter of the inner diameter grinding attachment (special accessory), as long as the inner diameter grinding spindle is pulled down and fxed in the grinding position, it can be ground.

Specially Designed Grinding Wheel Spindle
The line speed can be adjusted from 35m/s to 60m/s in the case of adding a frequency converter. It has a great efficiency in grinding ultra-hard parts such as tungsten steel and ceramics.

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment

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