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J2 Air conditioner refrigerator compressor crankshaft grinder

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Technical Parameter :

NO. ITEM Parameter
1 The center height of the spindle relative to the bottom of the base 435mm
2 Maximum grinding work-piece length 300mm
X Axis
3 Wheel spindle type Hydrostatic suspension motorized spindle
4 Wheel spindle cooling type Oil cooling
5 Maximum speed of grinding wheel spindle 3500rpm
6 Radial runout of the conical surface of the front end of the grinding wheel spindle 1μm
7 Axial movement of grinding wheel spindle 1μm
8 Axial stiffness of grinding wheel spindle ≥150 N/μm
9 Radial stiffness of grinding wheel spindle ≥200 N/μm
10 Eccentric shaft grinding wheel size (OD×width×ID) 400*55.5*180
11 Thrust surface grinding wheel size (OD × width × ID) 250*37*160mm
12 X axis maximum stroke 430mm
13 X axis linear motor maximum thrust 4620N
14 X axis linear motor acceleration ≤0.2G
15 X-axis linear motor cooling method Oil cooling
16 X-axis guide sliding mechanism TSK/PMI high quality rail
17 Minimum resolution of X axis grating ruler 0.1μm
18 X axis feed positioning accuracy 1.5μm
19 X axis feed repeat positioning accuracy 1.5μm
Z Axis
20 Z axis spindle type Ultra-precision motorized spindle with built-in encoder
21 Z-axis spindle cooling method Oil cooling
22 Z axis spindle speed 4500rpm
23 Z axis spindle coding type Renishaw encoder


24 Z axis balance level G1
25 Z-axis nose end face conical runout 0.001mm
26 Z-axis spindle front end cone runout 1μm
27 Z-axis spindle front end face beating 1μm
28 Z axis spindle rear end outer circle runout 0.005mm
29 Z-axis spindle rear end face beating 0.002mm
30 Z axis maximum stroke 380mm
31 Z axis servo motor power 1.8KW
32 Z axis servo motor maximum speed 3000rpm
33 Z axis maximum feed rate 15m/min
34 Z axis feed positioning accuracy 2μm
35 Z axis feed repeat positioning accuracy 2μm
36 Rated speed of sanding spindle 8000rpm
37 Sand repairing spindle cooling method Water cooling
38 Sand repairing spindle power 1.2Kw
39 Minimum feed of hand wheel 0.001mm
Lathe Electric Parts
40 Standard 3-phase power supply 380V 3ph 50-60Hz
41 Control circuit voltage 110vAC/24vDC.
42 Input voltage deviation range ﹢/-10%
43 Full load power consumption (host) 45KW
Pneumatic Supply
44 Input air pressure 5.5bar
45 Request flow l/min
46 Air source standard 8573-1:2001
Environmental Parameter
47 Standard machine noise <75dB(A)
48 Ambient temperature 0-40℃
49 Environment humidity ≤75%
50 CNC system and display Lynuc System with 10.4 Inch LCD Touch screen
51 Net weight of oil cooler 67Kg
52 The size of the machine tool (L* W * H) 2635*1855*1760 mm
53 The size of the machine and its accessories (L×W×H) 3000*1920*1760 mm
54 Net weight 6000KG

Product features :

1. The J2 series of high-precision follow-up grinders are the best in today’s grinder products in terms of design concept or manufacturing technology.

2. Stable and reliable-super rigid structure excellent precision performance
The machine tool has been tested under the most severe environments and conditions, and has outstanding accuracy retention, which is suitable for requirements from single-piece to mass production.

3. Outstanding performance-excellent performance for processing special-shaped parts

High precision, high rigidity, and high efficiency are the basic characteristics of this grinder, achieving a perfect combination of performance and efficiency.

Due to the excellent performance of the machine tool and the excellent flexible design, it can be widely used in various industries such as aviation, medical, hydraulic, mold, high-end automobile manufacturing, core parts of robot reducer, core parts of air conditioner and refrigerator compressor.

4.Easy to operate-easy to use operating system

The latest generation of user-friendly graphical programming software developed by LYNUC MOTION has simple and fast settings and intuitive user interface. It does not require the operator to input complex codes and subroutines. The operation is simple and easy to learn, making programming and setting faster. The user experience and operating experience are excellent.

Standard Equipment
1. Standard grinding fluid supply system
2. 1 external grinding wheel
3. Thrust surface grinding wheel 1
4. Roller sand repairing device
5. Standard grinding and dressing cycle
6. Spindle oil cooling system
7. Standard manual toolbox
8. Linear motor and headstock spindle water cooling system
9. Lubricants added for the first time
10. Operation programming maintenance manual 1 set

Optional Equipment :
1. Truss manipulator
2. Automatic loading and unloading mechanism
3. External alignment device for eccentric circular machine
4. Customized fixture for workpiece clamping
5. Magnet + paper tape integrated filter device
6. Oil mist collector

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