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HCL Series customized shower room machine(innovative)

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Technical Parameter :

Model Max cutting width(mm) Max cutting length(mm) Max cutting thickness(mm) Max cutting
Cutting speed(m/min) Head resolution(up and down)(mm) Y/Z shaft min positioning precision
Y/Z shaft min setting unit(mm) Main motor power(KW) Air pressure(Mpa) Machine outline size Length×Wdth× Height(mm) Machine weight(T)
1250×4100 1250 4100 0.5-4 2.5-3 60 0.001 ±0.03 0.01 4.5 0.4-0.6 5900×2450×2100 10.6
1250×4500 1250 4500 0.5-4 2.5-3 60 0.001 ±0.03 0.01 4.5 0.4-0.6 6300×2450×2100 13.6

The standard model is HCL type 1250×4000, the length and width of the machine can be customized, and the color of the machine can be customized.

Product performance and features:
·HCL Series customized shower room machine classic upgrade products, specially for shower room manufacturers.
·The press foot of this machine is made according to the shower room manufacturer’s products. Thin sheets need to be groovedand specially designed. Especially the machine of 4500MM length is the most popular.Customers can use two 1.8M/2M/2.2M sheetsto groove at the same time to improve efficiency.

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