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HCL Series security door manufacturer’s machine(original)

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Technical Parameter :

Model Max cutting width(mm) Max cutting length(mm) Max cutting thickness(mm) Max cutting
Cutting speed(m/min) Head resolution(up and down)(mm) Y/Z shaft min positioning precision
Y/Z shaft min setting unit(mm) Main motor power(KW) Air pressure(Mpa) Machine outline size Length×Wdth× Height(mm) Machine weight(T)
1250×2500 1250 2500 0.5-4 2.5-3 60 0.001 ±0.03 0.01 4.5 0.4-0.6 4300×2300×2100 8.6
1250×3200 1250 3200 0.5-4 2.5-3 60 0.001 ±0.03 0.01 4.5 0.4-0.6 5000×2300×2100 9.6
1250×4000 1250 4000 0.5-4 2.5-3 60 0.001 ±0.03 0.01 4.5 0.4-0.6 5800×2300×2100 10.6

The standard model is HCL type 1250×4000, the length and width of the machine can be customized, and the color of the machine can be customized.

Product performance and features:
·HCL Series security door manufacturer’s custom machine for anti-theft door manufacturer (original money) combines the latest slotting machine technology athome and abroad,using computer numerical control,full servo control, accurate positioning, high processing accuracy, workefficiency block.
·The press material and worktable of this customized machine are specially customized. lt is suitable for shaping grooves ofembossed door panel, door cover and concave-convex pattern board of anti-theft door manufacturers.At the same time, ordinaryflat plate can also shave grooves. The maximum processing width can be 2500 mm or 3000 mm. t is a machine favored by doormanufacturers.

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