CNC Grooving Machine

VCL Series Vertical One-way High Speed CNC Grooving Machine(Classic Quality)

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Technical Parameter :

Model Max cutting width(mm) Max cutting length(mm) Max cutting thickness(mm) Max cutting
Cutting speed(m/min) Head resolution(up and down)(mm) Y/Z shaft min positioning precision
Y/Z shaft min setting unit(mm) Main motor power(KW) Air pressure(Mpa) Machine outline size Length×Wdth× Height(mm) Machine weight(T)
1250×2500 1250 2500 0.5-4 2.5-3 60 0.001 ±0.03 0.01 4 0.4-0.6 4300×2300×2100 8.5
1250×3200 1250 3200 0.5-4 2.5-3 60 0.001 ±0.03 0.01 4 0.4-0.6 5000×2300×2100 9
1250×4000 1250 4000 0.5-4 2.5-3 60 0.001 ±0.03 0.01 4 0.4-0.6 5800×2300×2100 10
1250×5000 1250 5000 0.5-4 2.5-3 60 0.001 ±0.03 0.01 4 0.4-0.6 6800×2300×2100 14
1250×6000 1250 6000 0.5-4 2.5-3 60 0.001 ±0.03 0.01 4 0.4-0.6 7800×2300×2100 25

The standard model is VCL type 1250×4000, the length and width of the machine can be customized, and the color of the machine can be customized.

Product performance and features:
·VCL Series grooving machine is an upgraded product of traditional grooving machine This machine has all the advantages of traditional slotting machine and combines with the latest international slotting machine technology, which meets the actual needs of domestic customers.
·The VCL Series grooving machine adopts back feeding structure with fixed cross beam and replaceable working table. It completely solves the problem of deformation of working table, ensures the flatness of working table(+0.3mm),and solves the problem of depth accuracy affecting the quality of slotting.
·The service life of the equipment is prolonged. Because the new product is made of carbon tool steel, HRC55-60 hardness after high frequency fire, hardness of the worktable is much higher than that of stainless steel, so the worktable wear is very small, and there are four replaceable surfaces. The problem of ditches caused by the low hardness of the worktable for a long time has been solved horoughly.
·Improve work efficiency Five high-speed imported white steel knives are installed with m SEW high-power tool walkng motor, with a maxmum planing depth of 1.2 mm at one time. This machine is exported to Germany, Britain, the United States, Brazil, India and other countries, belonging to a very classic style.

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