Horizontal Machining Centre (HMC)

HMC Series Horizontal Machining Center

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Product Features:

HMC series is a horizontal machining center designed and developed by the company on the basis of absorbing advanced machine tool design concepts at home and abroad.

This machine adopts T type bed structure design, adopts high rigid roller linear guideway, the guide way span is large, the machine overall rigidity is good, the bearing capacity is strong; Equipped with a rotary double exchange table, the exchange time is short, the table exchange positioning accuracy is high; Machine in processing parts at the same time can carry out the next spare parts of the damping, saving the damping time, improve the work efficiency;

The machine is especially suitable for batch processing of large and medium-sized box polyhedron parts. It can complete milling, boring, drilling, tapping and other processes in one time,greatly improving the processing eficiency.

Product Description :


Number Standard Configuration Number Special Configuration
1 24 tool ATC 1 32 Arm chian type ATC
2 Spindle air curtain dust control system 2 40 Arm chian type ATC
3 Workpiece cooling system 3 Central outlet of spindle (equipped with high pressure cooling device)
4 Equal division CNC rotary table 4 ZF gearbox drive
5 Automatic lubrication system 5 Spindle oil cooling device
6 Spiral chip removal device 6 Arbitrary indexing CNC rotary table
7 Chain-plate type chip lifter 7 Scraper lift chip remover
8 Integral shield 8 3 axis linear scale
9 The toolkit 9 Tool detection device
10 Anchor bolt and pad iron 10 Workpiece detection device
11 Door opening protection (door protection)
12 Portable chip air gun
13 Machine cleaning water tank
14 Simple oil and water separator


Table Size (mm) 630×700 630×630
Table gty 2 2
Table dividing type (°) 1°x360/0.001° 1°x360/0.001°
Max Loading Weight (kg) 950×2 800×2
Number-width x distance (mm) 5x18x125 5x18x125
Max workpiece size (mm) Φ960×800 Φ1000×900
3 axis travel(X/Y/Z) (mm) 1050/750/900 1100/800/1100
3axis feeding speed(m/min) 20 24
Spindle center line to table surface (mm) 0~750 50~850
Spindle nose to table center (mm) 130~1030 125~1225
Spindie taper BT50 BT50
Max. spindle speed (R/MIN) 6000 6000
Main motor power (KW) 15/18.5 15/18.5
ATC Type, Tool capacity disc type 30T(optional: chain type 32T/40T)
3 aixs positioning accuracy/Repeated positioning accuracy (mm) 0.018/0.010 0.015/0.008
Table dividing accuracy/Repeated accuracy 15/5 10/3

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