Horizontal Mitre Cutting Bandsaws

Horizontal Mitre Band Saw Machine BS-460G

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Technical Parameter :

Model BS-460G
Circular @ 90° 330mm (13″)
Rectangular @ 90° 460x250mm (18″x9.8″)
Circular @ 60° (right) 205mm (8″)
Rectangular @ 60° (right) 205x250mm (8″x9.8″)
Circular @ 45° (Left & right) 305mm (12″)
Rectangular @ 45° (Left & right) 305x250mm (12″x9.8″)
Blade Speed @50HZ 40/80 MPM
Blade Speed @60HZ 48/96 MPM
Blade Size 27×0.9x3960mm
Motor 1.5/2.2 kW
Drive Gear
Packing Size 2310x1070x1630 MM
N.W./G.W. 750/830 kg

For high precision metal cutting, is the ideal equipment for the industrial and mining enterprises and small workshops, use is very extensive.
1. Two speed motor, two speed selection;
2. Hydraulic clamping vice
3.CE safety standards (interlock switch on blade cover)

The main performance characteristics:
1. Saw bow or so gyration;
2. Electric cooling system;
3. Saw bow rotary shaft use a conical bearing, to maintain the accuracy of sawing;
4. Saw blade off discon machine automatically cut off power, protect the safety of the operator
5.Safety switch on blade tensioning device
6.Carbide blade guides and double blade guide bearings

Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment
Automatic feeding rack ( 1M/2M/3M/4M/5M/6M )
PLC system ( 840 USD )
Quick-action vise
hydraulic cylinder for saw frame
Saw Blade
Saw Band Clamping
Bi-Metallic Bandsaw Blade
Hydraulic part clamping
Chip wiper

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