Horizontal Mitre Cutting Bandsaws

Horizontal Mitre Band Saw Machine BS-115

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Technical Parameter :

Model BS-115
Capacity Circular @90° 115 mm 4.5”
Rectangular @90° 100×150 mm 4”x6”
Circular @60°
Rectangular @60°
Circular @45° 100 mm 4”
Rectangular @45° 60×100 mm 2.4”x4”
Blade speed @ 50Hz 20, 29, 50 MPM
Blade speed @ 60Hz 24, 35, 61 MPM
Blade size 13×0.6×1538 mm
Motor 375 W 1/2 HP (3PH); 550W 3/4HP (1HP)
Drive V-Belt
Packing size (body) 97x46x46 cm
Packing size (stand)
N.W./G.W. 68/72 kg

This BS-115 metal band saw is an ideal machine for vertical and horizontal cuts. This machine is ideal for DIYers with an adjustable vise for miter cuts (90 ° to 45 °) and a gray cast iron bow for vibration-free operation!Ideal for cutting tube, pipe, solid steel, non-ferrous and wood Fully-adjustable blade roller for accurate and straight cutting .Automatic electric cut-out switch Cuts to 45º in mitre vice Sealed worm and pinion gearbox drive.

The advantages of the BS115 band saw: Adjustable vise for miter cuts (90 ° to 45 °) Adjustable blade pressure depending on the part.Usable vertically to cut sheets 3 speeds adjustable by V-belt Gray cast iron bow ensuring vibration-free operation With stop for efficient work Chassis with wheels and roll bar for easy travel Automatic shutdown at the end of the race Optimum price-performance ratio.

1. Easy to carry to any work sites
2. Angle cutting from 0° to 45°
3. Belt driven, with 3 cutting speed
4. Can be used both vertically and horizontally
5. High-capacity due to controlled by motor

Standard Equipment
1 saw blade
Stop Rod
Operator instructions

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