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Large CNC horizontal lathe

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Technical Parameter :

Main specifications CK(W)61125



CK ( W) 61180

CK ( W ) 61200

CK ( W ) 61220

CK ( W) 61180

CK ( W ) 61200

CK ( W )61220


Swing over bed 1250/1400/1600 1250/1400/1600/1800/2000/2200/2500
Swing over carriage 850/1050/1250 950/1 100/1250/1420/1620/1820/2100
Max.turning length L=1600、2000 ~ 16000  (unit increase per 1000mm)
Max.load between centers 15/18
Bed width 970(weighted) mountain guideway 1100 plane guideway
Spindle speed 2~ 250 2~ 200/2 ~ 250
Spindle motor DC55
Section of tool shank 40x 40
Diameter of tailstock quill 240/280
Travel of tailstock quill 80: 1: 7
Weight of the lathe with 3m 23000/25000/27000 23000/25000/27000/29000/31000/33000/35000
Additional weight per 1300 1300

Product description :

This machine is a universal CNC horizontal lathe, which can undertake various turning jobs.

It can turn various parts of inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, end faces, curved surfaces, arcs, metric threads, inch threads, modular threads and diametral threads, etc. The surface can also meet the technological requirements of drilling, boring, nesting grooving and cutting. At the same time, it can meet the special requirements of processing RIBAS rope grooves, and it is also suitable for powerful turning with cemented carbide tools, and processing various ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

This machine tool has the characteristics of high power, good rigidity, high precision and good precision retention.

It is equipped with German Siemens or Japanese FANUC CNC system, which can ensure the reliability of the machine. Longitudinal (Z-direction) is double helical gear rack drive (a full set of imports), the reverse interval can be eliminated by pre-tightening, lateral (X-direction) is ball screw drive, X and Z are driven by metal grating rulers produced by German HEDENHAIN company To detect components and form a full-closed-loop position control, it is equipped with CRT display, which has the characteristics of tool compensation, graphic display, fault diagnosis, simultaneous programming, graphic display fast programming, etc. The main transmission system is gear transmission, and the sliding gear is used to realize 4-level automatic With hydraulic stepless speed change, the layout of the whole machine is compact and reasonable, with good humanity. The live center of the tailstock adopts a built-in structure, and the tailstock is moved with a motorized mobile device, which is convenient and quick to operate. The bed saddle is glued with a soft belt with high wear resistance, which greatly improves the service life and has better accuracy retention.

The machine tool has reasonable structural design and selection of materials, sufficient rigidity and wear resistance, guarantees good low-speed motion stability, and has the advantages of low thermal deformation, low noise, and good shock resistance. It can work continuously and with stable accuracy under the environmental conditions described in the technical specifications.

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