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Large horizontal lathe

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Technical Parameter :

Main specifications unit CW61125










Swing over bed mm 1250/1400/1600 1250/1400/1600/1800/2000/2200/2500
Swing over carriage mm 880/1080/1200 880/1080/1200/1400/1600/1800/2080
Max.turning length m L=1600、2000 ~ 16000  (unit increase per 1000mm)
Max.load between centers ton 15/18
Bed width mm 970(weighted) mountain guideway 1100 plane guideway
Spindle speed rpm 2~ 200
Spindle motor kw DC55
Section of tool shank mm 45x 45
Diameter of tailstock quill mm 240/280
Travel of tailstock quill 80: 1: 7
Weight of the lathe with 3m kg 23000/25000/27000 23000/25000/27000/29000/31000/33000/35000
Additional weight per kg 1300 1300

Product description :

This machine tool can undertake all kinds of turning work, which can not only turn the outer circle, inner hole, end face, metric, inch, modulus and diametral pitch threads of various parts, but also meet the technological requirements of drilling, boring, nesting, etc. ,

It is also suitable for hard alloy cutting tools for powerful cutting, processing various ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

In addition, this machine tool can also turn cones by motor. The upper tool holder alone can turn the cones with the cone generatrix<400mm, and the upper tool holder and the slide plate can longitudinally feed the cones with the cone generatrix ≥400mm.

The machine tool is equipped with a separate oil pump, forced lubrication, as well as fast movement, terminal insurance, fixed-range cutting. The machine tool has the inherent characteristics of high power, high speed, low noise, strong rigidity, high precision and good accuracy retention, and it has a beautiful and generous appearance.

The layout is compact and reasonable, the operating handle is centralized, and the operation is convenient and flexible. It adopts Siemens or Eurotherm’s full-digital DC adjustment device, which is safe and reliable, pleasant and intuitive, and the image of the sign is intuitive. In addition, the machine tool has complete accessories and also Can provide some special accessories such as roller device, turning cone device, digital display device, milling head, grinding head, etc.

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