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Technical Parameter :

 ITEM Description Unit Technical Data
Processing range X-axis travel mm 17000
Y-axis travel mm 4400(Working)+150(Tool change)
Z-axis travel mm 1250
Gantry effective width mm 4100
Distance from spindle end to worktable mm 150~1400
Workbench Effective table size mm 3000×16000
Workbench load t/㎡ 5
T-slot specifications (width × spacing) mm 28×250 (Y direction)
Feed drive

Freed drive

Maximum cutting speed X/Y/Z m/min 6/6/6
Fast moving speed X/Y/Z m/min 10/15/10
Minimum step equivalent mm 0.001
Spindle Drive mode All gear transmission
Spindle speed rpm 10-3500
Spindle power(S1/S6-40%) kW 30/37
Spindle torque(S1/S6-40%) Nm 1860/2300
Spindle taper and specification ISO7:24NO50
Pull stud form mm P50T-2-MAS403
Ram section mm 450×450
Tool magazine


Tool magazine capacity No. 24 40、60
Tool magazine form Vertical Vertical-Horizontal
Handle BT50
Tool diameter (adjacent space mm Φ110/Φ220
Tool length mm 400
Tool maximum weight Kg 20(Vertical)/25(Vertical-horizontal)
Positioning accuracy(Executive Standard GB/T 17421.2-2000) X-axis mm 0.080 with grating scale
Y-axis mm 0.037(0.030 with grating scale)
Z-axis mm 0.020 (0.015 with grating scale)
Repeatability(Executive standard GB/T


X-axis mm 0.043 with grating scale
Y-axis mm 0.025(0.019 with grating scale)
Z-axis mm 0.013 (0.010 with grating scale)
Others Total power capacity KVA 100
NC system T FANUC 0iMF

Machine Use:
LMX-40170 moving column gantry products inherit the advantages of traditional gantry machine tool foundation frame with strong rigidity, symmetrical structure and strong stability, and introduce international advanced design concepts. The worktable is fixed, with moving Gantry frame. By optimizing the reinforced structure and rationally distributing the mass, the whole machine has strong rigidity and good dynamic characteristics. With milling, boring, drilling (drilling, expanding, reaming), tapping, countersinking and other processing functions, suitable for ships, new energy, aerospace, automobiles, construction machinery, packaging, rail transit, hardware and rubber, etc. The processing of large parts in various mechanical processing fields is also the first choice for processing various oversized and overweight parts with high processing accuracy requirements and complex structures.

Main Structure
The worktable is fixed, and the gantry frame is movable. The whole machine consists of worktable, bed, carriage, column, beam, saddle, ram, spindle, gearbox, spindle constant temperature cooling system, coordinate axis centralized lubrication system, machine tool pneumatic hydraulic system, Z axis hydraulic balance system, Automatic chip removal device (both sides of the worktable), tool water cooling system, large-capacity water tank, gantry follow-up operation room, and electronic control system.

Definition of each coordinate axis:
X-axis: the gantry frame moves longitudinally forward and backward along the guide rail on the bed;
Y-axis: The ram and saddle parts move left and right laterally along the guide rail on the beam;
Z-axis: The ram moves vertically up and down along the guide rail on the saddle;
C-axis: The attachment milling head performs rotary indexing positioning movement around the z-axis (when the attachment head is selected)

Standard Equipment

No. Description Quantity
1 Anchor bolts and machine mattress iron 1set
2 Machine tool transport protection and fixing bracket 1set
3 Common maintenance tools 1set
4 Communication Cable 5 meters


Optional Equipments

 No Equipment Model Technical Parameter
1 Universal AC head 15kW/4000rpm C:2.5° index, A:1° index
2  BLUM tool setter  Laser contral NT
3  Arm type vertical magazine  40T Taiwan/BT50
4   Protection cover ATC side B type
5  BLUM work peice probe TC60
6  Full enclosure W/O Top

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