Hydraulic Shearing Machine

QC11Y-8×6000 Hydraulic Guillotine Type Shearing Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Specifications Unit QC11Y-8×6000
Max. shearing plate thickness mm 8
Max. shearing plate width mm 6000
Sheared sheet tensile strength N/mm2 δb≤450
Shear angle ° 1.5—2
Number of travels times/min 8~15
Throat depth mm 150
Blade length mm 6100
Workbench height from the ground mm 1050
Back gauge range mm 20~800
Main motor model / Y132M-6B5
Main motor power KW 15
Main motor speed rpm 1440
Gear pump model / NB2-40GF
Gear pump flow L/min 80
Gear pump pressure Mpa 31.5
Equipment Size(L*W*H) mm 3750*1700*2500

Product Details
The whole machine adopts an all-steel welded structure, and the welded parts such as wall panels, workbenches, and tool holders eliminate stress by vibration, and have good rigidity and stability.

1. This machine is the latest generation hydraulic shearing machine. Advanced hydraulic integrated valve block is adopted. The structure is compact, the pipeline connection is reduced, and the reliability and easy maintenance of the system are improved.

2. Structural parts are derusted by shot blasting and sprayed with antirust paint;

3. The main parts of the machine tool, such as the machine frame, the upper tool rest, and the workbench, are finished by domestic famous brand CNC large-scale floor boring and milling machines, which ensures the geometric accuracy of the main machine.

4. The tandem oil cylinders make the oil cylinders synchronized when the machine tool is shearing, and the shearing angle can be adjusted.

5. The installation surface of the blade on the upper tool holder is a helical surface, which ensures the uniformity of the blade gap during the cutting process, and the quality of the cutting section is good. Supported by the sub-shaft, the upper knife holder swings up and down, and the eccentric mechanism quickly adjusts the blade gap to improve the cutting accuracy.

6. The return stroke of the accumulator is stable and rapid, which changes the structure of the traditional gas storage tank and prevents the leakage of nitrogen gas.

7. The upper and lower blades are rectangular, and the material is 6Crw2Si, which has good hardness and long service life.

8. The gap between the upper and lower blades is adjusted by the handle, and the dial indicates the value. The adjustment is easy, fast, accurate and reliable.

9. The electromechanical back gauge can be manually fine-tuned, and the size of the gauge and the number of shearing times have digital display devices, which are easy to use.

10. The working surface is equipped with a rolling structure to reduce sheet scratches and reduce frictional resistance.

Specifications Supplier
Seals Japan VALQUA
Hydraulic valve China Mainland
Electrical components SIEMENS/SCHNEIDER
Main motor China Mainland
Blades China Mainland
Oil pump China Mainland

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