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Special numerical control sawing machine GXK200

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Technical Parameter :

Maximum sawing specification (mm) 2000
Minimum sawing diameter (mm) 900
Saw wheel diameter (mm) 680
Hacksaw Blade (mm) 1.6 x 54 x 7240
Saw blade line speed (stepless) (m/min) 20-60
Feed rate(m/min) 0-300(Servo stepless speed regulation)
Disk rotation speed (r/min) ①0.75
Disk travel distance (mm) 300
Rack feed distance (mm) 800
Rack feed distance (mm) 800
electromotor Main motor(kw) 5.5 Disc rotating machine(Kw) 1.1
Oil pump motor(kw) 1.5 Saw rack feed servo motor(kw) 0.75
Water pump motor(w) 60 Disc moving servo motor(kw) 0.75
Oil tank capacity Hydraulic pressure box(L) 200
Coolant(L) 50
Outline size 3730 x 2550 x 3450

The saw machine is mainly used for sawing large hollow parts, pipe fittings, flanges and other hollow parts;

● The saw frame and the work are all controlled by servo;

● The work clamping adopts hydraulic automatic clamping;

● The machine tool adopts PLC touch screen and servo, and the whole process is automatic.

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