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TK6511/TK6513 planer table milling and boring machine

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Technical Parameter :

TK6511/TK6513 CNC planer table milling and boring machine

Technical parameters

ITEM Parameter item TK6511 TK6511B TK6513
Spindle  Spindle diameter φ110 mm φ110  mm φ130 mm
Spindle taper ISO 50 ISO 50 ISO 50
Spindle speed 20-1000 r/min 20-1000 r/min 20-950 r/min
Max. Spindle torque 447 N.m 447 N.m 680 N.m
Max. Spindle thrust 18000 N 18000 N 20000 N
Main drive motor power 15 kw 15 kw 16 kw
Spindle speed reduction type Direct-drive Direct-drive Direct-drive
Travel and

feed speed

Worktable transverse stroke:X-axis 1400 mm 1800 mm 2000 mm
Headstock vertical stroke:Y-axis 900 mm 1200 mm 1700 mm
Longitudinal travel Z axis 700 mm 700 mm 900 mm
Spindle travel W 600 mm 600 mm 800 mm
Movement speed X/Y/Z 1-5500  mm/min 1-5500  mm/min 1-8000  mm/min
Worktable Table size 900*1200 mm 900*1300 mm 1400*1600 mm
Max.load on the table 5000 kg 5000 kg 10000 kg
Rotation of table  360° rotation /4*90°positioning
Accuracy Positioning accuracy  (X/Y/Z) 0.04 / 0.032 / 0.032 mm 0.04 / 0.04 / 0.032 mm
Repeatable accuracy  (X/Y/Z) 0.02 / 0.018 / 0.018 mm 0.02 / 0.02 / 0.018 mm


CC system  HUAZHONG Numerical  Control System
Dimensions of machine 3500*4200*3100 mm 4000*4200*3600 mm 4800*5000*4800 mm
Machine weight 10000 kg   12000 kg   19000 kg

Product Details
TK65 series planer type milling and boring machine is T-shaped movable column type, side-mounted head-stock structure: the bed is an overall T-shaped type. The worktable moves laterally along the front bed as the X axis, the column is fixed on the sliding seat, the sliding seat moves longitudinally along the rear bed guide rail as the Z axis, the spindle box moves along the vertical direction of the column guide as the Y axis, and the boring shaft moves axially as W axis.

The overall structure design of the machine tool adopts FEM finite element analysis, and reasonable reinforcement is carried out to ensure its high rigidity and stability.

All basic large pieces are made of high-quality gray cast iron, cast by resin sand casting process, and treated with two aging treatments.

1. The main drive system adopts numerical control direct drive near-zero transmission technology, with few transmission parts and high transmission precision. The high-torque AC servo motor directly drives the main shaft, with low energy consumption, low noise, low failure rate, and easy maintenance. The spindle speed range is large and the torque output is large.

2. The ed technology of the short cylindrical rolling rotary table significantly improves the support capacity and reliability of the table.

3. The servo feeding devices of each coordinate axis are all driven by AC servo motors, and are supported by preload-ed ball screws and special angular contact bearings.

4. The head stock adopts nitrogen balance system, which is more stable, reliable and safe.

5. The towline has built-in ed technology, which can effectively protect the pipeline operation system, reduce the failure rate and improve the overall aesthetics.

Standard Equipment

1 CNC system(HUAZHONG)

2 Spindles

3 Spindle bearing

4  Lead screw rails

5 Main electrical components

6 large bed base

7 CNC electrical cabinet industrial air conditioner

8 Timing quantitative lubrication pump

Optional Equipment


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