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TPX6113 Horizontal Milling Boring Machine

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TPX6113 Digital Display Horizontal Milling&Boring Machine

Machine Functions & Features

Features: small deformation and good rigidity of the machine tool,which is extremely beneficial to the improvement of machining accuracy.

Excellent performance
1. The spindle is a three-layer structure, with good rigidity, stable cutting performance, and a wide speed range.

2. The spindle speed change and feed adopts hydraulic pr-selection, which is easy to operate, labor-saving, high-efficiency, and improves the degree of automation.

3. The distribution and clamping of the lifting of the spindle box, the vertical and horizontal movement of the worktable and the rotary movement are all centrally controlled by the button station, which has good interlocking, time-saving, labor-saving, convenient and reliable operation.

4. The worktable 4 × 90 degrees adopts an optical sight with high positioning accuracy.

5. All moving parts are clamped by hydraulic-diamond block force boosting mechanism, with large clamping force and reliable clamping.

6. The main parts of the bed, column and spindle have taken wear-resistant measures to improve the service life.

7. The guide rail of the bed and sliding seat adopts fully enclosed stainless steel protection plate to protect the guide rail, and the appearance is pleasant.

8. The X and Y coordinates are equipped with a domestic grating digital display measuring device with high resolution, is 0.005 mm.

9. TPX6113 digital display horizontal milling and boring machine absorbs foreign advanced technology in structure and manufacturing technology. It is a digital display machine developed according to the modular design method.

10. Suitable for milling, drilling, boring, tapping, turning, milling end faces, etc. of multi-working surfaces for larger parts.

Machine structure features

The overall design layout of the machine tool is a T-shaped separation structure of the vertical and horizontal bed, the spindle box moves vertically, and the worktable is moved vertically and horizontally.

X,Y,Z axis coordinates , the hardness can reach 45°-50°after quenching and finishing, high precision, low friction, and good precision retention.

The movement mechanism adopts a fast motor to move quickly through multiple parts of the fast box.The built-in feed system of the head stock drives each part to make the feeding movement.The spindle box and worktable are equipped with hydraulic locking device, which has stable movement, high positioning accuracy and large bearing capacity.

The double nut mechanism is used to eliminate the transmission gap and ensure the displacement accuracy.

X,Z axis using drawer type steel plate cover,Y axis guide rails are equipped with an organ-style protective cover,dust proof, waterproof, protect the guide rail, lead screw, with pleasant appearance. The main spindle bearings, screw bearings and table bearings are all genuine P5 grade bearings of Wafangdian(ZWZ).

X,Y,Z axis adopts Shenzhen Bowang grating ruler,the B axis adopts a circular digital display.

Main technical parameters
Boring shaft diameter 130mm
Spindle taper hole Metric No. 8
Spindle Max Torque 1960
Spindle Max Torque 3136N.m
Maximum torque of flat turntable 4900N.m
The maximum axial resistance of the main shaft 31360N
Maximum travel of spindle 900mm
Progression of the spindle Level 24
Spindle speed range 4-800r/min
Flat plate slider stroke 250mm
Workbench area 1400*1600mm
Workbench can hold maximum weight 8000KG
Distance from spindle center line to worktable
Max. 1400Max.0
Workbench travel
Vertical 1500mm(with rear columns)
horizontal 1600mm
Spindle, head stock, workbench vertical and horizontal speed 2500mm/min
Spindle, head stock, workbench vertical and horizontal speed 0.05-8/0.01-2
Spindle, head stock, table slider feed range
Main motor power 15kw
Machine tool dimensions (length*width*height) 6995*3647*3442
 Machine Weight 25000kg

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