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TPX6111B Horizontal Milling Boring Machine

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Technical Parameter :

ltem Unit TPX6111B TPX6111B/2 TPX6111B/3
Spindle Diameter mm 110 110 110
Taper Morse No6


Morse No6


Morse No6


Max Torque N.m 1225 1225 1225
Max Axial Thrust N 12250 12250 12250
Speed Settings 22 22 22
Speed Range r/min 8-1000 8-1000 8-1000
Main Motor Power kW 7.5 7.5 7.5
Facing Plate Max Torque N.m 1960 1960 1960
Diameter mm 600 600 600
Speed Range r/min 4-200 4-200 4-200
Speed Settings 18 18 18
Worktable Dimensions mm 1100X960 1100X960 1250×1100
Max Load kg 5000 5000 5000
slot Size mm 22 22 22
T-slot Count 7 7 7
Machining Range X-axis Max Travel mm 900 1250 1600
Y-axis Max Travel mm 900 900 1200
Z-axis Max Travel mm 1400 1400 1400
W-axis Max Travel(Spindle) mm 600 600 600
U-axis Max Travel(Facing Plate Slide) mm 180 180 180
B-axis Rotary Angle o 360 360 360
Min Distance Betiween Soindle mm 0 0 0
Feed Rapid Traverse mm/min X/Y/Z/W:2500 X/Y/Z/W:2500 X/Y/Z/W:2500
Feed range of axes for each spindle revolution mm/rev 0.04-6/0.01-1.88






Speed Range(X) mm/min
Accuracy Linear Measurement Reading Accuracy mm 0.005 0.005 0.005
Linear Measurement Reading Accuracy o 0.001 0.001 0.001
General Specs Dimensions (LxWXH) mm 4910x2454x2750 4910×2870×2750 5028x3359x3079
Machine weight kg 11500 13000 14000

Products Features: 

This series of machine is a universal one in that they complete a variety machining on castings, steel parts, and parts made of non-ferrous matals, for example, drilling, enlarging, boring, and reaming holes, milling planes, facing spots and cutting threads.The slide of face plate of this machine can feed in a radial direction thus enlarge the dimension of boring, turning and grooving.

Worktable: optical sighting device is employed to achieve high positioning accuracy.

Spindle: exhibits high accuracy on account of three-point stay, as well as high hardness and long service life thanks to surface nltrogen treatment.

Face plate: it is able to porcess larger holes, external cutting and grooves.

Standard Equipment:
Metric 80 Machine Set
Without rear pillar
Flat disc plate
XY axis NEWALL digital display ruler
Rotary table
Cast iron rails

Optional Equipment:
Rear column
ISO 7:2450 spindle
Z-direction digital display
B-axis digital display (±20″)

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