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X6432 X6436 Universal Rotary Head Milling Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Table size mm 1500*320 1500*360
Table travel mm 1000/320/400 1000/320/400
T slot(number-width*pitch) 3-16*80 3-18*80
Spindle taper ISO40 ISO40
Horizontal spindle taper ISO40 ISO40
Spindle speed range(steps) rpm 48-1660 (12) 48-1660 (12)
Horizontal spindle speed range(steps) rpm 40-1300 (12) 40-1300 (12)
Distance between spindle nose and table surface mm 120-520 150-550
Distance between horizontal spindle axis and table surface mm 0-400 0-400
Table feed range (steps) mm /min XY:22-555 (8) Z:electric XY:22-555 (8) Z:electric
Swivel angle of milling head ° 360 360
Main motor power kw 3(Vertical)/3(Horizontal) 4(Vertical)/4(Horizontal)
Feed motor power kw 1.1 1.1
Machine weight kg 25100 2580
overall dimension mm 2050*1750*2000 2550*2050*2050

Product Description:

1. It can realize vertical and horizontal milling two processing function ;

2. The two rotary milling head, spindle at any angle rotating and adjustment ;

3. Can be used for processing and mold shell ;

4. Work bench X. Y all are gear drive automatic feed, Z to the electric lift ;

5. Modeling beautiful, generous, overall layout of symmetry coordination. rail surface heat treatment of high hardness, strong steel, gear up for gear grinding ,by high frequency quenching and low noise durable.


Universal rotary head milling machine is a kind of medium and small general metal cutting machine tools, that can lie milling and can vertical milling.

Spindle taper hole of the machine can be directly or through the attachment installed all cylindrical milling cutter, disc cutter, molding cutter, end milling cutter tool, suitable for processing a variety of small parts of plane, inclined plane, grooves, holes, and other gear. Is a mechanical manufacturing, mold, equipment, instruments, automobiles, motorcycles and other industries of the ideal processing equipment.

Standard Equipment
Drill chucks and adaptors
Milling chucks
Reducing sleeves; Retracting wedges
End milling tie rods
End milling tie rod intermediate sleeves
Horizontal milling tie rods
Horizontal milling cutter bars
Work lights
Cooling systems
Instruction Manual

Optional Equipment
3-Axis DRO
Automatic feed
Clamping kit
Dividing head
Rotary table
Electronic oil pump

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