Vertical Band Saws

Vertical Metal Band Sawing Machine CV Series

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Technical Parameter :

MODEL CV-2535 CV-4070 CV-5080
Cutting Capacity (mm) H:250  D:350


H:400 D:700


H:500 D:800


Blade Size (mm) 34×1.1 41×1.3 41×1.3
Blade Speed (m/min) 30/45/75 30/45/75 30/4575
Motor Main (KW) 3. 0(kw) 5. 5(kw) 7.5(kw)
Coolant Pump (KW) 0.06(kw) 0.06(kw) .6(kw)

Product detail:
This vertical metal sawing machine tool is mainly suitable for sawing small-sized steel plates, bars, etc. It has the advantages of narrow sawing, material saving, energy saving, high sawing precision, convenient operation and high production efficiency. The worktable is driven by a hydraulic cylinder to realize the feeding and retracting actions.

Standard Equipment:
●Working light
●One piece of bi-metal saw blade
●One set of tools with tool box

Optional Equipment:
●Hydraulic top pack
●Automatic chip conveyor
●PLC control
●CV-Series can be designed according to customer’s required
cutting size
●Hydraulic blade tension
●Saw guide elevation is hydraulically operated
●Laser projector

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