Vertical Band Saws

Vertical metal band sawing machine (G5325x65x750)

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Technical Parameter :

MODEL G5325x65x750
Cutting Capacity (mm) D:650 H:250 L:7500
Blade Speed (m/min) 20~65 Inverter
Blade Size (mm)  
Motor Main (KW)  
Coolant Pump (KW)  

Product description:
● The main drive adopts frequency conversion speed regulation device, with saw blade line with wide speed range;

● The feed guide adopts linear guide pair, and the guide precision is high;

● The feeding system adopts DC speed regulating motor, which drives the saw rack feed by gear bar, and the feeding is steady and reliable;

● By adopting a plurality of pushing devices, the repeated accuracy of the plurality of cutting times is ensured, and the labor intensity is reduced.

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