Vertical Band Saws

Vertical metal band sawing machine (G5480/260)

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MODEL G5350/110/300 CV-100150 G5480/260
Cutting Capacity (mm) D:1100 H:500 L:3000 H: 1000 D:1500 L:2000~6000 H:800 D:2600 L:2000~10000
Blade Speed (m/min) 20~65 Inverter 20~ 65 Inverter 20~65 Inverter
Blade Size (mm) 41×1.3 67×1.6 54×1.6
Motor Main (KW) 7.5 15 11
Coolant Pump (KW) 0.09 0.12

Product description:
● This machine is mainly used for cutting large ferrous metal, medium casting, forgings, billets and slabs with a hardness of less than HRC35.

Product features:
● G54 series block vertical sawing machine adopts the “T” layout of the workpiece and saw tangent. When sawing, the saw blade is twisted 90 degrees, and the saw bow cuts the workpiece along the guide rail lengthwise;

● By hydraulic, electrical and mechanical control, stable performance;

● The main drive adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the saw blade line speed can be adjusted continuously and stably in the setting range;

● The feeding of the saw frame is driven by a hydraulic cylinder, and the feed guide adopts a linear guide pair. The feed is stable and reliable;

● The tension of the saw blade and the adjusting and locking of the movable guide arm of the saw blade are all controlled by hydraulic pressure, which is safe and reliable;

● The machine table is welded by rectangular steel tube and has good bearing capacity;

● Can be designed into Charles road feeding and hydraulic lifting feeding mode;

● In order to cut the cutting position accurately when sawing, the laser guide device is installed on the saw frame.

● The independent hydraulic station and control cabinet are easy to operate and maintain, and automatic chip removing devices can be selected according to the requirements;

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