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X3.5 Bench Mill Drill

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Technical Parameter :

Drilling capacity
25 mm
Spindle taper
MT3 or R8
Longitudinal travel (X)
500 mm
Cross travel (Y)
210 mm
Headstock travel (Z)
250 mm with chuck guard
Spindle stroke
78 mm
Max.distance spindle to table
370 mm /MT3
Table effective size
740 x 180 mm
T-slot size
12 mm
Motor output power (Brushless DC motor)
Spindle speed Low range
100-2000 rpm±10%
Spindle speed High range
100-5000 rpm±10%
Overall dimension (LxWxH)
950 x 770 x 920 mm
Packing size (LxWxH)
1100 x 920 x 990 mm
Weight (Net/Gross)

Product Features

•Variable spindle speed

•Feeding depth and spindle speed digital readout

•Fine feeding function

•Large worktable

•Multiple function for selection

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