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X6323A X6323B Universal Turret Milling Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Item /Model Unit X6323A X6323B
Table size mm/” 230×1067(9”x42”)      230×1246(9”x49”)
Long travel mm 650                850
Cross travel mm 305
Vertical travel mm 350
T-slot No.and size mm 3×16
Ram Travel mm 315
Distance from spindle nose to table surface mm 0~350
Spindle hole taper Standard :R8  Optional :ISO 30/ISO40
Spindle travel mm 127
Spindle Speed rpm Standard:shift grade 50HZ66-4540 60HZ:80-5440
rpm Optional :variable 60-4200
Auto.quill feed mm Three steps:


Spindle motor KW/HP 2.25KW/3HP
Head swivel ° 90°
Head tilting ° 45°

of package

One miller per case mm 1400x1476x2030
Two miller per case mm 1450x1570x2080
Three miller per case mm 1450x2180x2080
G.W/set KG 1000 1060

Turret Milling Machine is also called Rocker arm universal milling machine

Product Description:

Milling machines are tools used by engineers and machine creators to cut metal into a specific shape. A turret milling machine is a vertical mill, meaning the spindle — the area that performs the cuts — is positioned vertically. The turret milling machine is considered a versatile unit, because it can create a wide array of shapes. It has a quill that can be raised or lowered to create different cutting depths. Turret milling machines are only effective if they are kept at a relatively small size, because the quill is difficult to operate with larger units.

Product Features:

The machine tool has good rigidity and can bear heavy load cutting;

The spindle motor of the machine tool has high power and wide speed range, which can give full play to the efficiency of the tool and can carry out high-speed cutting.

The wear-resistant castings of the machine tool are made of vanadium-titanium wear-resistant cast iron, and the important transmission parts are made of high-quality alloy steel;

Ensure the durability and stability of the machine tool;

The machine tool has a complete lubrication system.

Standard Equipment

drawbar Handle lubricate Electrical cabinet
Tools and tool box Working light 16 speeds milling head

Optional Equipment

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