Radial Drilling Machine

Z30125×40 Radial Drilling Machine

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Machine model Z30125×40
Maximum drilling diameter mm 125
Distance from spindle center line to column bus bar mm 600-4000
Distance from spindle end to base table mm 750-2500
Spindle stroke mm 560
Spindle taper (Mohs) Metrie80
Spindle speed range r/min 6.3-800
Spindle speed series 22
Spindle feed range mm/r 0.06-3.2
Spindle feed level 16
Working desk size mm 800×1250
Horizontal movement distance of headstock mm 3400
Main motor power kw 18.5
Machine weight kg 28500
Machine tool size (length×width×height) mm 5910×2000×5120

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