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Z3040 Radial Drilling Machine

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Model Z3040X8/1 Z3040X10  Z3040X10-1  Z3040X13/1 Z3040X16/1


Max.drilling capacity


40  40         40   40 40
Distance spindle axis

to column generating line


 320-820 200-1000   300-1000  300-1300 350-1600
Diameter of column


  200 240        240 300  350
Spindle taper  MT4 MT4       MT4  MT4 MT4
Spindle travel


 240 250        280   280 315
Spindle speeds range


 75-1220 71-1800    32-2500   32-2500 25-2000
Spindle speeds series  6   8          16 16 16
Range of Spindle feeds


 0.1-0.25  0.13-0.54   0.10-1.25  0.10-1.25 0.04-3.2
Mpindle Spindle feeds  3   4          8 8  16
Distance spindle nose

to working surface of base


 120-860  264-1064   220-1000  300-1320 350-1250
Dimension of worktable


400X400X350 400X450X400    600X450X450   600X450X450 630X500X500
Dimension of base


 1370X700X160 1500X740X160  1710X800X160  2050X900X200 2400X1000X200
Overall size


1407X720X1885 1730X750X2360 1760X800X2050 2100X900X2300 2500X1060X2650
Power of Main motor


 1.5    2.2        2.2   3  3
G.W/NW (kg)  1230/1140 1600/1530       1920/1830 2500/2100 3650/3400
Packing dimension (cm) 155X77X210 187X97X220     187X97X220 235X106X245 260X112X260

Product Description

The Z3040 radial drilling machine is a small and medium-sized mechanical radial drilling machine. The Z3040 radial drilling machine can rotate one circle along the column. The maximum drilling diameter is 40 cast iron and 35 steel. The distance between the spindle end and the table surface is 260-1000mm, and the distance between the spindle center and the column bus line 300-1000mm, column diameter 230mm, spindle taper mode No. 4, six-stage spindle speed 75, 130, 240, 380, 660, 1220, motor power 2.2KW/0.75, machine weight 1300kg, Z3040 radial drilling machine These parameters determine the The machine tool can perform a wide range of processing. Both the main motion and feed motion of the Z3040 radial drilling machine are powered by the main spindle motor. The main motion of the spindle transmits the power to the feed motion through the transmission mechanism. The characteristics of Z3040 radial drilling machine can better meet the requirements of general drilling, tapping and other processes.

The Z3040 radial arm drilling machine spindle control has two CJX2-1201 AC contacts controlled by a button electrical circuit, and the rocker arm lifting has two CJX2-1201 AC contactors controlled by a button long opening point, and the cooling water pump adopts hy3-10/3 switch Control, machine tool safety voltage 24V design is reasonable and safe. Both the spindle speed and spindle feed are adjustable in multiple levels, with a large adjustment range, which can be well adapted to the requirements of different processes, different workpiece materials, and different tools on the radial drilling machine. The overall adaptability of the machine tool is strong. Z3040 radial drilling machine can be flexibly used in machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, mining accessories, hardware industry instruments and meters and other industries. It can be used for drilling, tapping, reaming, reaming, boring, and countersinking.

Product Features

● The guide rail, column and box body of Z3040 radial drilling machine are made of high-strength cast iron. After the casting, the casting is heat treated to eliminate the internal stress of the casting. The casting that eliminates the internal stress after heat treatment can maintain the stability of the main body of the machine for a long time. The surface of the column and the guide rail are in contact with each other. The surface is quenched to maintain the hardness of the guide rail and the column, and the machine tool can maintain the accuracy and durability for a long time;

● The electrical and motor of the Z3040 radial drilling machine adopt the national standard on the electrical requirements of the machine tool. Under the control of the national standard electrical, the machine tool is more energy-saving and safe to run for a longer time;

● The rotating gear of the main shaft box is precision ground and carburized and quenched. The gear box runs with low noise and good transmission force;

● Domestic Harbin bearings are selected for each rolling component bearing, and the whole machine tool can perform high-speed cutting;

● The main shaft box adopts the internal circulation lubrication of the automatic oil supply system, and the gears and bearings are fully lubricated, which solves the shortcomings of insufficient lubrication of the top gears of the traditional lubrication method;

● The main shaft is equipped with a travel protection switch, which solves the problem of damage to the main shaft or gear when the main shaft is fed to the top when the worker misuses or automatically feeds;

● Column safety locking device switch, automatic lifting can automatically cut off power when workers forget to loosen the locking device, which can well protect the column from being strained and the turbine and worm from slipping;

● The lead screw is made by a brand manufacturer. The brand manufacturer does not directly use the round steel lathe to process it, but strictly produces the processing technology according to the tempering, quenching and other screw processing technology. The screw produced by the special screw processing equipment is processed by the grinding machine. Precision grinding, the service life is twice that of the ordinary lead screw, and the nut is a brass nut, which has good wear resistance and good accuracy;

● Z3040 radial drilling machine has undergone strict product quality precision screening from rough casting, parts procurement, and supplier selection. Every process is strictly inspected to ensure the overall precision requirements of the machine tool when it leaves the factory.

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