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Z3080 radial drilling machine

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Technical Parameter :

(Hydrualic type)
(Hydrualic type)
Max.drilling diameter mm 80 80
Distance from spindle nose to table surface mm 350-1585 350-1585
Distance between spindle axis and column surface mm 500-2070 500-2570
Spindle travel mm 400 400
Spindle taper MT MT6 MT6
Spindle speeds range rpm 16-1250 16-1250
Spindle speed steps 16 16
Spindle feeding range mm/r 0.04-3.20 0.04-3.20
Spindle feeding steps 16 16
Rocker rotary angle degree  ±180°  ±180°
Main motor power kw 7.5 7.5
Lifting motor power kw 1.5 1.5
Machine Weight kg 7000 7000
Machine Overall dimensions mm 3000×1250×3300 3000×1450×3300

Product Description

The Z3080 radial drill is a large hydraulic radial drill developed by our company. The Z3080 radial drill uses hydraulic clamping. The hydraulic system consists of two parts: the hydraulic system of the control mechanism and the hydraulic system of the clamping mechanism. The control valve and preselected valve are installed. On the upper part of the spindle box, the spindle speed preselection valve and the feed amount preselection valve are 16-position six-way rotary valves. Each rotary valve controls four differential oil cylinders to achieve 16-level speed conversion. The control valve is a five-position six-way rotary valve, which controls the forward rotation cylinder, the reverse rotation cylinder, the shift cylinder, the neutral cylinder, and the brake cylinder. During the shifting process, high-pressure oil enters the preselection valve, which pushes the shifting cylinders to drive the sliding gear to shift. At the same time, the forward-rotating cylinders also enter the high-pressure oil through the small holes, because the areas of the forward and reverse cylinders are not equal (forward rotation is greater than reverse rotation). Turn), so that the shift fork that compresses the friction plate has a smaller force to compress the forward rotation friction plate, so that the transmission chain can be started.

Z3080 radial arm drilling machine has hydraulic preselection, hydraulic variable speed, mechanical and electrical double insurance. Z3080 radial arm drilling machine has high working efficiency and good processing accuracy. It is an economical and practical multi-purpose radial drilling machine. The spindle speed and spindle feed of the machine tool are both There are 16 levels of adjustment, and a large adjustment range ensures the multi-purpose processing and production of the machine tool, and it can be equipped with cost-effective cutting speeds. Z3080 radial drilling machine has two models (20A) and (25A) which respectively represent the maximum arm length (2500mm, 2000mm) and the maximum machining diameter (80mm). The taper of the machine tool spindle is mode No. 6, and the power transmission of the machine tool spindle is good. The speed range is 20-1600 (rpm), the spindle feed range is 0.04-3.2 (rpm), and the adjustment range is wide. It can use multiple processes and multiple materials for production and processing. The spindle stroke reaches 400 (mm). The motor power of the machine tool is 7.5 (kw) to ensure that the machine tool has a sufficient power source. The dead weight of the 3080 radial drilling machine reaches 7500kg and 11000kg respectively to ensure the stability of the machine.

The Z3080 radial arm drilling machine is suitable for drilling, reaming, reaming, countersinking and tapping of medium and large metal parts. The handles, buttons and other operating components that realize the main functional actions are concentrated on the headstock. The Z3080 radial arm drilling machine drives the rocker arm to rotate around the inner column by ±180°, the rocker arm moves up and down along the outer column, and the spindle box moves left and right along the rocker rail. The spindle box realizes various levels of speed, feed and operation, and the spindle box speed is at There are 16 levels in total from 20-1600 (r/min), and 16 levels in the spindle feed range (0.04-3.2mm/r), which are operated by rotating the centralized handwheel. The rocker arm lifting is driven by the motor at the top of the column and driven by the screw nut to realize the rocker arm lifting. The lifting nut is equipped with a safety nut to ensure that the rocker arm will not fall suddenly; the rocker arm clamping is realized by hydraulically driving the diamond block. After clamping, the diamond block is self-locking, and the rocker arm is raised or lowered after the clamping action is completed. , The rocker arm is automatically clamped, controlled by the electrical switch on the loading cylinder base. The clamping of the spindle box and the column is hydraulically driven and clamped by diamond blocks. The two actions can be carried out at the same time or separately. The operation buttons are on the main panel box.

Product Features

● The rocker arm lifting is driven by a motor at the top of the column and driven by a screw nut to realize the rocker arm lifting. Among them, a safety nut is installed on the lifting nut to ensure that the rocker arm will not suddenly drop;

● Using high-quality hydraulic control principles, the control valve and preselection valve are installed on the upper part of the spindle box. The preselection valve for spindle speed and the preselection valve for feed volume are 16-position six-way rotary valves, and each rotary valve controls four differential cylinders. 16-level speed conversion. The control valve is a five-position six-way rotary valve. Controls the forward rotation cylinder, the reverse rotation cylinder, the shift cylinder, the neutral cylinder, and the brake cylinder;

● The guide rail, column and box of Z3080 radial drilling machine are made of high-strength cast iron. After the casting, the casting is heat treated to eliminate the internal stress of the casting. The casting that eliminates the internal stress after heat treatment can maintain the stability of the main body of the machine for a long time. The surface of the column and the guide rail are in contact with each other. The surface is quenched to maintain the hardness of the guide rail and the column, and the machine tool can maintain the accuracy and durability for a long time;

● The electrical and motor of the Z3080 radial drilling machine adopt the national standard grade. Under the control of the national standard grade electrical, the machine tool is more energy-saving and safe to run for a longer time;

● The rotating gear of the main shaft box is precision ground and carburized and quenched. The gear box runs with low noise and good transmission force;

● Domestic Harbin bearings are selected for each rolling component bearing, and the whole machine tool can perform high-speed cutting;

● The main shaft box adopts the internal circulation lubrication of the automatic oil supply system, and the gears and bearings are fully lubricated, which solves the shortcomings of insufficient lubrication of the top gears of the traditional lubrication method;

● The main shaft is equipped with a travel protection switch, which solves the problem of damage to the main shaft or gear when the main shaft is fed to the top when the worker misuses or automatically feeds;

● Column safety locking device switch, automatic lifting can automatically cut off power when workers forget to loosen the locking device, which can well protect the column from being strained and the turbine and worm from slipping;

● The lead screw is made by a brand manufacturer. The brand manufacturer does not directly process it with a round steel lathe, but strictly produces and processes the screw processing technology such as tempering and quenching. The screw produced by the special screw processing equipment is precisely processed by the grinding machine. Grinding, the service life is twice that of ordinary lead screws, and the nut is a brass nut, which has good wear resistance and good accuracy;

● The Z3080 radial drilling machine has undergone strict product quality accuracy screening from rough casting, parts procurement, and supplier selection. Each process has been strictly inspected to ensure the overall accuracy requirements of the machine tool when it leaves the factory.


Standard Equipments
Radial drilling machine
Reducer sleeve
3# 4# retracting wedge
Drill chuck
Unloader wrench
Anchor bolt
LED work lamp
Adjusting pad
Operation manual
Certificate of conformity
Packing list

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