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Z5140 5150 vertical drilling machine

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Technical Parameter :

Drilling machine model Z5140A Z5150A
Maximum drilling diameter (mm) 40 50
Maximum feed resistance of spindle (N) 16000 16000
Spindle torque (N.m) 350 350
Main motor power (kw) 3 3
Taper of main cone (NO) 4 5
Spindle speed (r.p.m) 31.5-1400(12 pole) 31.5-1400(12pole)
Spindle feed per revolution (mm/rev) 0.056 -1.80(9 pole) 0.056 -1.80(9 pole)
Spindle stroke (mm) 250 250
Spindle box stroke (mm) 200 200
Spindle span (mm) 335 335
Workbench stroke (manual) (mm) 300 300
Distance from spindle end to worktable (mm) 750 750
Work table size (mm) 480×560 480×560
Machine weight (kg) 1250/1350 1250/1350
Outline dimension (mm) 1009×900×2530 109×900×2530
Package size (mm) 1410×1140×2620 1410×1140×2620

Product Description

The Z5140 vertical drilling machine is a square column vertical drilling machine. The Z5140 vertical drilling machine has the characteristics of stable structure and convenient installation. A series of design concepts such as the design structure of the Z5140 vertical drilling machine and the power of the high-power spindle motor determine that this type of drilling machine can perform high-intensity drilling operations. The Z5140 vertical drilling machine has a wide range of variable speeds, a large number of feed stages, and a large range from the spindle end to the worktable surface. It can adapt to the production and processing of different workpieces, different materials, and different processing tools. The 40 vertical drilling machine can meet the needs of various processes such as drilling, tapping, expanding, reaming, and countersinking. The production and processing needs of special machines can be carried out by the installation of special fixtures and tools.

Product Features

● The high-power spindle motor, the spindle taper is Morse 4, the spindle power is good, the torque is large, and the large-aperture drilling is guaranteed;

● The bed is cast with resin sand mold, and the basic materials are good, ensuring the long-term stability and durability of the machine tool;

● The main body of the machine tool is heat-treated to eliminate internal stress, and the precision of the guide rail surface ultrasonic quenching is good;

● Spindle speed change, wide feed speed range, suitable for processing and production of multi-workpiece material cutting tools;

● The supporting parts of the machine tool are selected from domestic brand manufacturers, and the good basic parts ensure the long-term precision operation of the machine tool;

● The overall design of the operating handle of the machine tool combines ergonomics, convenient operation, low labor intensity, and high efficiency;

● Wide range of processing materials, multi-process processing and production such as drilling, tapping, reaming, expansion and countersinking can be carried out;

● The main shaft adopts the turbine coupling to ensure the resistance, the main shaft resistance exceeds 2000kg, and the coupling slips to ensure the stable operation of the main shaft.

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