Vertical Drilling Machine

ZK5140C/I ZK5150C/I ZK5163C/I CNC Vertical Drilling Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Specifications and parameters Unit ZK5140C/I ZK5150C/I ZK5163C/I
Maximum drilling diameter mm 40 50 63
Max.Feed resistance N 16000 20000 26000
Max.Torque of spindle Nm 350 400 460
Spindle taper Morse 4 5 5
Main motor power Kw 3 4 5.5
Range of spindle speed r/min 31.5-1400(12 poles)
X/Y/Z rapid move speed mm /min 8000 /8000 /2000
Spindle box travel mm 470 (manual)
X axis travel mm 750
Y axis travel mm 600
Z axis travel mm 250 (automatic 240)
Distance between spindle nose to worktable mm 0-650
Worktable size mm 1000×650
Positioning accuracy(X/Y) mm 0.05(0.04)
Repeat positioning accuracy(X、Y) mm 0.02(0.015)
Machine weight kg 3300
Machine size(LxWxH) mm 2450x2160x2550

Product Description

A series of design concepts such as the design structure of the vertical drilling machine and the power of the high-power spindle motor determine that this type of drilling machine can carry out high-intensity drilling operations. The vertical drilling machine has a wide range of variable speeds, multiple feed stages, and a wide range from the spindle end to the worktable. It can adapt to the production and processing of different work pieces, different materials, and different processing tools. The vertical drilling machine can meet the needs of various processes such as drilling, tapping, expanding, reaming, and countersinking. The production and processing needs of special machines can be carried out by the installation of special fixtures and tools.

Product Features

◎ CNC system programming is simple, easy to operate, practical and reliable.

◎ This series of CNC vertical drills can complete drilling, expanding, reaming, tapping and other processes, and is suitable for batch processing of small and medium shafts, discs and other parts.

◎ The basic parts of the machine tool are made of high-strength cast iron with resin sand, and have been tempered and stabilized for many times. The guide rail surface and the work surface of the machine tool are quenched by supersonic frequency and precision ground by a CNC grinding machine, with high overall rigidity and good precision retention.

◎ This machine adopts a reinforced spindle structure, which significantly improves the geometric accuracy and radial rigidity of the spindle.

◎ X, Y, Z, axis are equipped with AC servo motor KND-1000M-C numerical control system, start-up memory function (other systems can be selected according to customer requirements).

◎ Z-axis automatic zero return function, spindle overload protection function, automatic tool retraction function, centralized lubrication and working fluid circulating cooling system.

◎ The company focuses on continuous improvement and enhancement of product performance and quality. The above parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

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