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4-Axis TG480 Four-Axis linkage CNC Tool Grinder

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Technical Parameter :

Item UNIT Machine Model:TG480
Linear shaft CNC four-axis linkage linear axis
Drive Top class Servo motor drive
Stroke (X/Y/Z axis) mm 240/300/190
CNC resolution (X/Y/Z/A-axis) mm 0.0001
Programming and handwheel feed minimum resolution (X/Y/Z/A-axis) mm 0.0001
THK Screw (X/Y/Z axis) BN-FN25-C3
THK Guideway (X/Y/Z axis) SHS-25V (level P)
Repeatable positioning accuracy(X/Y/Z axis) mm 0.003
Workpiece rotation axis(A/B axis) Rotary Axis
DD servo drive(A/B axis) Direct drive
Rapid traverse(X/Y/Z axis) m/min 7.5
Maximum workpiece weight kg 5
Linear resolution mm 0.0001
Linear Repeat Positioning Accuracy mm 0.003
Rotary resolution mm 0.0001
Rotary Repeat Positioning Accuracy degree 0.001
Spindle power kw 15(Optional: 15KW-20 Permanent magnet variable frequency motor)
Machine weight kg 4000
Total power kw ≤30kw

Product Features:
1. 4-Axis four linkage CNC tool grinder focuses on the production of: standard milling cutter, aluminum processing cutter, acrylic milling cutter, chamfering cutter, tap slotting.
2. Machine tool adopts: multi-station grinding, multi-grinding wheel grinding process, after many years of practical to ensure the quality of tool production, greatly improve the efficiency of tool production.
3. Front and rear doors open for unrestricted commissioning and maintenance of the machine tool, and the fully enclosed protective cover meets the production safety.
4. All axes adopt imported servo motors and screw guides, high precision and resolution, to ensure the high production quality and efficiency of the machine tool.


Important parts:
1. X-axis, horizontal linear CNC numerical control axis, China Taiwan-made servo motor, THK precision ball screw, THK precision roller type guide rail.
2. Y-axis, horizontal linear CNC numerical control axis, servo motor made in Taiwan, China, THK precision ball screw, THK precision roller guide.
3. Z-axis, vertical linear CNC numerical control axis, servo motor made in Taiwan, China, THK precision ball screw, THK precision roller guide.
4. A-axis, rotary CNC numerical control workpiece axis, China Taiwan-made servo motor, Japan precision worm gear sets.
5. Z-axis column to increase the angle of the rotary center, the configuration of the angle encoder, to ensure the replacement of different thread angle repeat positioning accuracy, replacement of the size of the adjusting machine is more efficient, more convenient and accurate.
6. Integrated marble bed.
7. Sealed machine cover, easy to adjust the machine, baking paint, the machine can be removed as a whole, easy maintenance.
8. Numerical control operation panel is installed on the machine cover, and the mobile handwheel with magnet is convenient for operation.
9. Special high-speed grooving spindle, can install a piece to three pieces of grinding wheel, can be disassembled as a whole to the grinding wheel dressing machine to repair the grinding wheel.
10. Side edge, vertical use of high-precision direct-connected spindle from Taiwan, China.
11. Sindle motor frequency conversion speed control.
12. Tube sealed oil-proof fluorescent lamp is installed in the machine.
13. Japan FUJIKOSHI, robot automatic loading and unloading mechanism installed outside the machine, the growth of robot life. (Optional)

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