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H400 Precision Peripheral Grinder

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ITEM Unit Machine Model:H400
C Axis
Stroke Deg
Maximum speed rpm 500
Positioning accuracy Deg 0.006°
Repeatability of positioning accuracy Deg 0.001°
X Axis
Stroke mm 115
Rapid feed rate mm/min 10000mm/min
Cutting feed rate mm/min 0~3600mm
Positioning accuracy mm 0.005
Repeatability of positioning accuracy mm 0.002
Z Axis
Stroke mm 600
Rapid feed rate mm/min 10000mm
Cutting feed rate mm/min 0~3000
positioning accuracy mm 0.01
Repeatability of positioning accuracy mm 0.005
B Axis
Stroke Deg -90°~+90°
Rapid feed rate °/s 200
Cutting feed rate °/s 0~90°
Repeatability of positioning accuracy Deg 0.002°
Grinding wheel shaft parameters
Wheel diameter mm 400
Rotating speed rpm 0~4000
power Kw 7.5
Offline trimmer
Wheel diameter mm 150
Maximum speed rpm 8000
Power KW 0.8
Online dresser (optional)
Wheel diameter mm 150
Maximum speed rpm 8000
Stroke mm 0~63
Dressing feed rate mm/min 0~720
Shaft power Kw 0.8
Processing parameters ( different specifications need to replace tooling)
Maximum thickness mm 35
Maximum diameter mm φ50
C-axis tooling clamping (depending on the product can be enlarged)
Clamp force N 200~2500
Installed Capacity
Total power KW 25
Size (length*width*height) mm 3400*3600*1900
Oil cooling filter device size (optional) mm 1800*1200*1500
Machine weight kg 7500

Product description :

This equipment is a four axis grinding center,which is mainly used for grinding of grooving and cutting tools for cemented carbide, ceramics and CBN.

It adopts advanced numerical control system and can realize loading and unloading through a six axis robot, which can realize rotation at various angles, reduce the blade turning process, further improve efficiency and shorten grinding time.

Grinding of various standard and non standard tools is also possible by changing the tooling.


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