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AL5 Twin type Inverted Vertical CNC Lathe

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Technical Parameter :

Item Specification Unit
Machining capacity
Max. swing over bed diameter Ø350 mm
Max. machining diameter Ø200 mm
Max. machining length 200 mm
Main Spindle
Max. Spindle speed 4000 r/min
Throuth hole diameter 56 mm
Spindle nose A2-6
Main motor power 22 KW
Spindle speed range 0-4000 r/min
Main motor rated speed 2000 r/min
Rated spindle torque 105 N.m
Transmission mode Electric spindle
X/Z-axis travel 590/250 mm
X/Z -axis rapid traverse 15-20 m/min
X/Z -axis motor power 3.1/4.3 kw
X/Z -axis spindle torque 20/27 N.m
Tool quantities
Square Knife Specifications 25*25 mm
Circular knife specification Ø40
Machining accuracy
Spindle run out 0.005 mm
Grating absolute measurement resolution 0.001 mm
Repeat positioning accuracy 0.003 mm
Coolant motor power 1.5 kw
Hydraulic station power 1.5 kw
Machine maximum power 70 kw
Machine weight 6 T/set

Products Introduction

AL5 twin type inverted vertical CNC lathe adopts the loading and unloading of the spindle as an integral part of the z-direction carriage to take and place the workpiece. It can process workpieces with a maximum diameter of 300 mm. The short stroke and compact design realize extremely short clamping and beat time. In this way, it can ensure that the inverted lathe has high flexibility in processing frequently changing batch sizes and part modifications, and can produce automatically without manipulator.

1. Short stroke and high processing efficiency.
2. The inverted turning center has compact structure and minimal site demand.
3. Automatic workpiece conveying system: the machine tool can load and unload materials by itself through the spindle; Including automatic loading and unloading of blank parts and finished parts.
4. 12 bit turret (can be equipped with power turret) has short rotation time.
5. The processed parts can go in and out freely, which is convenient for the spindle to grasp the loading and unloading.
6. The machine bed is made of mineral castings to ensure stability and vibration damping performance.
7. Vertical processing mode can ensure convenient chip removal.
8. After the y-axis is assembled in the turret, the machine tool can process complex parts.
9. According to the needs of parts, multiple on-line machining can be carried out.

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