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Technical Parameter :

♦With thicken motor plate processing,high rigity,after belt tension,the motor and pulley can’t “rise”,to reduce the belt wear.

♦Spindle with anti-rotation guide groove,to reduce positive & reversal clearance when tpping,increased thread quality and reduce the break screw tap,also can be prevent the bad problem by spindle sleeve with rack,especially with multi-spindle head,can be reduce the rotation.improve the repeatability of multi-spindle head.

♦With rack gear spindle axial position pin,in case of drivig of feed and pull warm spring caused spindle sleeve feed block

♦Improving the high precision and stability by fix flange with spindle box and column(spindle head and column with zero clearance)

♦Spindle head with the LED light,easy to operate,lighten the working environment

♦The high frequency hardenng spindle after thermal refining,high mechanical property,wearproof with the spindle taper sleeve,rack shaft,quill shaft after thermal refining,extend the tool working life.

♦Belt adjust mechanism with gear,rack driving,easier than manual adjust,clamp with cross handle locking bevel of the motor pin,reliable locking and easy to operate

♦The operate handle adopt integral design,enlarge the handle lever diameter to 16mm,the surface process with the dark chrome,the steel handle seat solve the easily to break quality problem of the traditional bench machine.

♦Driven by motor and reducer gear box with higher reduction ratio,compact structure and more powerful feed

♦Changing over spindle manual feed and auto feed by handle,easy and convenient

♦Widen and strengthen spindle box with high rigidity,will be not”up”when drilling

The speed of spindle feeds infinitely adjustable,easy to adjust,suitable for processing various kinds of common workpiece materials processing a wider range.

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