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BMC-630V 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center

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Name BMC-630V
Workbench Table diameter (mm) Ф630
Allowable maximum horizontal load (kg) 500
Maximum allowable vertical load (kg) 300
B-axis swing angle (Deg) -35°~-110°
Table T-slot (slot number X slot width) 8x14H8
The distance between the work surface and the ground (mm)
Processing range X-axis (mm) 600
Y-axis (mm) 450
Z axis (mm) 400
Distance from spindle end face to work table (mm) 150-550
Spindle Spindle maximum speed (r/min) 12000
Spindle rated speed (r/min) 1500
Spindle motor power (kW) 11/15
Spindle torque (Nm) 70/95
Cone hole BT40
Feed Guide Roller Linear Guide
Feed motor power X/Y/Z (kW) 2.3/2.3/2.3
Rapid feed rate X/Y/Z (m/min) 36/36/36
Turntable maximum speed B/C axis (r/min) 80/80
Cutting feed rate X/Y/Z (mm/min) 20000
Cutting feedrate B/C axis (r/min) 50
Tool device Number of tools to accommodate (pieces) 24 (disc)
Tool exchange method manipulator
Tool selection method Two-way nearest knife selection
Maximum tool weight (kg) 8
Maximum tool diameter (mm) (full tool / adjacent empty) 80/120
Maximum tool length (mm) 300
Shank type MAS403 BT40
Pull stud type MAS403 BT40-1
Tool change time (T-T) (s) 1.8




Positioning accuracy X/Y/Z (mm) 0.010
Positioning accuracy B/C axis 10〃/10〃
Repeated positioning accuracy X/Y/Z (mm) 0.008
Repeated positioning accuracy B/C axis 6〃/6〃
Other CNC system Siemens
Air source (MPa) 0.5
Power (kW) 35
Machine weight (kg) 6000
Machine tool dimensions (mm) 2400×3500×2850

Product Description
The BMC-630V five-axis vertical machining center adopts a stable C-shaped structure and is equipped with a high-speed electric spindle, direct-drive CNC turntable and servo tool magazine as standard. Automotive motors, gearboxes, engines, molds, robots, medical equipment and other manufacturing industries.

Structural form and technical characteristics of key and important components
– Siemens 840D CNC system (five-axis linkage), Siemens 828D CNC system (four-axis linkage);
– Five-axis simultaneous milling, precision cutting of complex parts, one-time clamping, reducing workload;
– B and C turntables have double direct drive rotary shafts, built-in high torque torque motors, high precision, high dynamic response, good precision retention, and a maximum load of 500kg;
– The milling spindle adopts BT40/HSKA63 electric spindle, the spindle speed reaches 12000/18000r/min, and the torque is 70Nm, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and processing accuracy, and reduces the noise and vibration of the machine tool;
– Adopt 24 disc tool magazine, hydraulic synchronous tool change technology, compact structure, reliable performance and rapid tool change;
– Precision high-speed roller guides, ball screws, and imported screw bearings ensure the rigidity and precision of the machine tool;
– Built-in double screw chip conveyor, external chain chip conveyor, with iron filing box;
– Rotary operation panel and handheld MPG make the operation more convenient;
– The front protective door can be fully opened, which is convenient for workpiece lifting and clamping;

Acceptance execution standard and main accuracy
GB/T20957.4 (ISO10791-4) Vertical Machining Center: Accuracy Inspection
– X/Y/Z axis positioning accuracy: 0.01mm
– X/Y/Z axis repeat positioning accuracy: 0.008mm
– B/C axis positioning accuracy: 14″
– Repeated positioning accuracy of B/C axis: 8″

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