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MTK20 CNC milling turning center

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Technical Parameter :

Number of spindles 2
Number of turrets 2
Chuck dia. Φ210 mm(Φ8.268in)
Number of turret station 16X2
Max. speed of spindle/sub spindle 5000 r/min( rpm)
Max. speed of revolving tool 6000 r/min( rpm)
Power of spindle motor 18.5 / 22 kw (30min)(25.16/29.92 hp(30min))
Power of sub spindle motor 11 / 15 kw (30min)(14.96/20.4hp(30min))
Max. machining dia. Φ250 mm(Φ9.843in)
Max. machining length 750 mm(29.528in)
Rapid traverse X1/X2/X3 30m/min(1181ipm)
Rapid traverse Y1/Y2 20 m/min(787 ipm)
Power of motor Z1/Z2/Z3 40 m/min(1575ipm)
Stroke X1/X2/X3 210/210/100 mm(8.268/8.268/3.937in)
Power of motor Y1/Y2 100/100 mm(3.937/3.937in)
Stroke Z1/Z2/Z3 800/800/800 mm(31.496/31.496in)
Power of motor X1/X2/X3 2.2/2.2/2.7 kW(2.992/2.992/3.672hp)
Power of motor Y1/Y2 2.5/2.5 kW(3.4/3.4hp)
Power of motor Z1/Z2/Z3 4.5/4.5/4.5 kW(6.12/6.12/6.121hp)
Weight 8500Kg(18742.5 lbs)


MTK20 is a CNC turning-milling center with double spindles and double turrets. It canperform machining simultaneously by double spindles and double turrets. It hasY-axis and double C-axis function which can perform strong milling. The machinehas 4-axis simultaneous function, with sub-spindle feeding on X/Z which canperform double spindles and double turrets machining so that the workpiece canbe done complicated operations with one-time clamping, suitable for aerospace,auto, machinery industries.

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