Horizontal Straight Cutting Bandsaws

CH-450NC Dual column fully automatic intelligent high speed metal bandsaw machine

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Technical Parameter :

Maximum sawing size Round material: Ø450 mm
Square material: 450X450mm
main motor power 11kW inverter motor
Band saw blade specifications 41×1.3×6340 mm Hydraulic motor power 2.25kW
Band saw blade cutting speed 30-120m/min Cooling pump power 120W
Band saw blade feed speed Servo automatic stepless speed regulation Feed servo motor power 1.8kW
Single feed cylinder stroke 500mm

* Extreme sawing: φ300mm 45 # solid bar material, sawing time: 2 minutes 52 seconds

Product Detail
This moel machine is mainly used for batch sawing of small and medium-sized bars, tubes and profiles, and can be adapted to sawing of various ferrous materials. It has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency, energy saving, narrow kerf, energy saving and material saving, and simple operation.

This machine tool adopts gantry structure, hydraulic automatic feeding, the feeding length and times can be set and displayed through the touch screen, which improves the sawing efficiency and sawing accuracy, and is an ideal equipment for batch cutting.The target is high-end customers who pursue higher machine quality.

●The servo system is used to control the saw blade feeding rate, and the load of the saw blade can be read in real time through the communication of the inverter and PLC. When sawing round bars, empty tubes and profiles, the load of the saw blade at different cutting positions will be different; the stepping feed system automatically adjusts the feed speed valve according to the real-time load to ensure that the load of the saw blade is stable at an optimal value, thereby increasing sawing efficiency and saw blade life. The stepping speed control system is controlled by a PLC, and its speed control curve is automatically matched according to different workpiece shapes and different workpiece materials.

● When the saw blade feeding rate is constantly changing during the sawing process, the saw blade line speed will be automatically adjusted on the basis of the setup line speed. When the blade feeding rate increases, the line speed will speed up, which can increase the chip removal effect and reduce the sawing noise; when the blade feeding rate slows down, the saw blade line speed will decrease to improve the saw blade cutting effect.

● The saw blade automatic running-in system can judge the use of the new saw blade through the detection element. After the new saw blade is recognized, the system will run-in at 50-80% of the sawing speed. After the run-in time is reached, the system will automatically increase the sawing speed slowly, and finally work at the normal sawing speed.


Standard Equipment
Full set cutting machine
Power blade cleaning brush.
Working light.
Roller rack 2M long
One piece of bi-metal saw blade.
One set of tools with tool box
NC control
Automatic chip converyor
Bundle cutting device

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