Horizontal Straight Cutting Bandsaws

Double column horizontal metal band sawing machine G4230/50 (CH-300)

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Sawing Capacity (mm) Round material: Ø300 mm
Square material: 500w x 300h
Band saw wire speed (m/min) 30 / 50 / 75 / 95
Band saw wire specifications (mm) 34 x 1.1 x 4180 Main motor power (kw) 3(4p)
Hydraulic motor (kw) 0.75 Cooling pump (kw) 0.06
Work clamping method Hydraulic vice Saw blade tensioning method Manual
Main drive structure Worm gear drive Feeding mode Auxiliary mixing
Overall size (mm) 1700 x 1320 x 1580

* The series of machine tools are semi-automatic and automatic, automatic machine tool adopts PLC control, touch screen can preset 5 sets of sawing process parameters.
* A saw cutting device can be configured according to requirements.

Product description

● Hydraulic control saw cutting feed speed, stepless adjustable;

● The workpiece is clamped by hydraulic clamping;

● Belt saw blade adopts rolling bearing and carbide alloy guide to prolong the service life of saw blade;

● Electric feeding rack (optional).

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