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CK7660LE CNC lathes

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Technical Parameter :

project Company Specifications
Capacity Swing over bed mm Φ830
Max turning diameter on bed saddle mm Φ650
block type mm Φ680
Max turning hub diameter in 24



Spindle head type GB5900.1 A2-11
Spindle taper hole specification Metric system 1:20
Spindle through hole diameter mm Φ105
Spindle bearing diameter (front / rear) mm Φ160/Φ140
Spindle speed r/min 22-2200
Main motor power (continuous / 30 minutes) kW 37/45
Maximum output torque of spindle Nm 670



Tilt angle DEG 45°
Moving distance X / Z mm 360/880
Fast moving speed X / Z m/min 16/20
Servo motor torque X / Z Nm 22/30
Ball screw diameter x / Z mm Φ40/Φ50


Number of knives 12
Tool size (turning / boring) mm 32X32/Φ50


Power capacity kVA 60
Volume (length)×wide×High) without chip conveyor mm 5380×2490×2460
Machine weight kg 10000


CK7660LE CNC lathes are developed and designed specifically for aluminum alloy hub turningin automobile and motorcycle industries.

adopts integral slant bed, slidingpasting ways, through-hole type spindle, hydraulic 12-station turret, fullenclosed guard and large flow chip flushing system.

CK7670LE is equippedwith 45KW high power main motor, is suitable for machining external/ internal sequence processing of 12”-24” aluminum alloy wheels.


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