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CNC horizontal lathe

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Technical Parameter :

Main specifications unit CKA6185

CKW6185 CKA61100






Spindle center height mm 405/505 510/635/715 635/715/805
Swing over bed mm 850/1000 1000/1250/1400 1000/1250/1400
Swing over carriage mm 510/710 650/900/1060 900/1060/1240
Max.workpiece length mm 1000~8000 1500~8000 1500~8000
Max. tuming length mm L- 250 L – 250 L – 250
Max.load between centers kg 4000 6000  8000 8000  10000
Bed width mm 600 755 970
Spindle noses No A2-11 A2-15 A2-15
Front bearing diameter of spindle mm 160 200 200  200
Spindle taper hole Metric 20 Metric 40 Metric No. 140
Diameter of spindle bore mm 100 130 130  100
Steps of spindle speed Automatic 4-gear stepless Automatic 4-gear stepless Automatic 4-gear stepless
Spindle speed rpm 5~800/4~500 4~630/4 ~ 400 4~630/4 ~ 400
Spindle motor KW AC15/AC22 AC22/30~40(spindle motor) AC22/30~40(spindle motor)
Torque of longitudinal servo motor Nm 22/38 41 41
Torque of cross servo motor Nm 12/30 41 41
Section of tool shank mmxmm 32×32 45×45 45×45
Positions of tool post Vertical 4/ horizontal 8, 12 Vertical 4/ horizontal 8, 12 Vertical 4/ horizontal 8, 12
Repeated pstioing accuracy of tool post 2 2 2
Travel of cross slide mm 550 510/650/740 650/740/850
Feed speed of longitudinal mm/min 1 ~ 2000 1 ~ 2000 1 ~ 2000
Feed speed of cross mm/min 1 ~ 2000 1 ~ 2000 1 ~ 2000
Rapid travel of longitudinal and cross mm/min x: 6000/z; 4000 x: 6000/z; 4000 x: 6000/z; 4000
Diameter of tailstock quill mm 120 160 200 200
Travel of tailtock sleeve mm 250 300 300
Travel of tailstock quill Morse 6 Metric 8 Morse 6 Morse 6
Accessories(steady rest) mm φ40~φ350 φ50~φ470;





Accessoriesfollow rest) mm φ30~φ120 φ50~φ220 φ50~φ220
Weight of the lathe with 3m kg 6800/7200 12000/12500/13600 13000/14000/15000
Increase weight per meter kg 800 1000 1200

Product description :

This series of CNC horizontal lathes are suitable for processing the outer circle, outer circle surface, inner hole, end face, hole, cone and spherical surface of shafts, discs, and shell parts of various metals, non-ferrous metals and non-metal materials. Rough turning, semi-finish turning, fine turning and curved surface, various R arc machining, thread machining, etc., through CNC programming, can automatically complete the rough and fine turning processing of inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, inner and outer conical surfaces, end faces, steps, and inner and outer surfaces. Rough and fine machining of thread, tapered thread, end thread, multi-start thread, metric and inch threads.

The bed is made of high-grade and high-quality gray cast iron (HT300) with resin sand molding and intermediate frequency quenching and grinding. The hardness of the guide rail is higher than HRC52-58, and the movable guide rail pairs are attached with anti-crawling PTFE soft tape , Chip removal adopts 45° rear chip removal method. The main transmission system is driven by the main motor, and the motor and the transmission mechanism are connected by a narrow V-belt. An encoder is installed on the main shaft, which can realize constant linear speed cutting and control of feed per revolution and thread turning. The spindle has any thread processing function. Tool holders, ball screws, bearings, centralized lubrication, etc. are all well-known brands at home and abroad to ensure the machining accuracy and rigidity of the machine tool.

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