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IG150 High Precision CNC Internal Grinder

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Technical Parameter :

Project Unit IG150 IG150-I
Grinding inner dia. range mm Φ6-150 Φ6-200
Grinding hole for the longest depth mm 150(Integrated spinde max.
grinding depth: 300mm)
Bench rotation dia. mm 520 520
Rotation dia. inside the
waterproof cover
mm 320 320
Max. stroke of the
mm 540 540
Workpiece spindle
rotation speed
r.p.m. 0~3000 0~3000
Spindle table slide
feed speed
m/min 8 8
X-axis feed rate m/min 8 8
X-axis min. moving unit mm 0.001 0.001
Z-axis min. moving unit mm 0.001 0.001
Spindle table rotation
adjustment angle
Feeding method
Forward 15° backward2″ Forward 15° backward2″
Feeding method Servo motor Servo motor
Wheel motor 2HP 2 (Three-phase motor) 2 (Three-phase motor)
X-axis servo motor KW 1.5(1 axis) 1.5(1 axis)
Z-axis servo motor KW 2.0 2.0
Floor area mm 2500LX2100W 2500LX2100W
weight (about) KG 3000 3200

Product Description :

● The body design is ergonomically designed for easy operation

● Compact internal grinding machine with small installation space and suitable for any workshop

● The sliding surface adopts static pressure automatic lubrication system, which has smooth movement and good wear resistance.

● Fully automatic grinding: rough grinding, dressing, fine grinding, non-sparking grinding cycle action. High precision, easy operation and greatly increased production capacity. Suitable for mass production and grinding of a small amount of different form workpieces.

● The head frame rotates with P4 high-precision spindle bearings, featuring high precision, high rigidity and quiet operation.

● The feed shaft is equipped with a precision ball screw, which is driven by a servo motor and can be fed without a section.

● Dressing mode is CNC automatic correction and dressing

(1) If you use diamond or CBN grinding wheel, you can choose not to correct the dressing mode.

(2) For workpieces that are difficult to grind, multiple correction modes can be selected to ensure the best processing quality.

● In mass production, automatic production equipment such as automatic feeding and automatic unloading can be installed.


Standard Equipment
1. Grinding cooling device (water tank/ water
pump/ water pipe)(1 set)
2. Diamond trimming pen (1 pcs)
3. Angle adjustment table (1 pcs)
4. Toolbox (hex wrench set/ Open end wrench/
screwdriver) (1 pcs)
5. Spindle grinding wheel post (3 pcs)
6. High-speed grinding spindle (RMP optional) (1 pcs)
7. Basic adjustment block (6 pcs)

Optional Equipment
1. Hydraulic three-jaw chuck
2. Chuck flange
3. Mechanical spindle: 10,000/20,000/30,000rpm
Electric spindle: 40,000/100,000rpm
4. End face detecting device
5. Magnet filter
6. Paper tape filter
7. Closed full cover and automatic door
8. Inner diameter automatic measuring device

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