internal grinding

IG150 High Precision CNC Internal Grinder


Slide Table Movable Range


Fully Automatic Grinding Cycle


Machine Specification


Standard Accessories
1. Grinding cooling device (water tank / water pump / water pipe) (1 set)

2. Diamond dressing pen (1 pcs)

3. Angle adjustment table (1 pcs)

4. Toolbox (hex wrench set / Open end wrench / screwdriver) (1 pcs)

5. Spindle grinding wheel post (3 pcs)

6. High-speed grinding spindle (RMP optional) (1 pcs)

7. Basic adjustment block (6 pcs)


Special Accessories
1. Hydraulic three-jaw chuck

2. Chuck flange

3. Mechanical spindle: 10,000/20,000/30,000rpm
Electric spindle: 40,000/100,000rpm

4. End face detecting device

5. Magnet filter

6. Paper tape filter

7. Closed full cover and automatic door

8. Inner diameter automatic measuring device


Wheel Spindle


Optional Motor Spindle (Special Accessories)


Appearance Size And Floor Space

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