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IG500 CNC Internal Grinding Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Technical Parameter

Internal Grinding Machine IG500
Grinding diameter Dia.150-500mm
Maximum grinding depth 450mm
Cover turning diameter of workpiece Dia.510mm
Hood turning diameter of workpiece Dia.750mm
Headstock spindle maximum load-bearing 600kg
Maximum travel of working table 725mm
Headstock maximum turning angle 20°
Rotational speed of workpiece 28~320r/min
Speed of grinding wheel spindle 2400/4000rpm
Maximum travel of headstock(horizontal) 250mm
Speed of working table(stepless ) 0.2~4m/min
Maximum travel of feeding slide 100mm
Feeding rate of feeding handwheel per rev 0.4mm
Feeding rate of feeding handwheel per grid 0.002mm
Power of workpiece motor Y2-100L2-4/3kw
Power of grinding wheel motor J0241-2/5.5kw
Power of hydraulic motor J0212-4/0.8kw
Power of cooling motor AB-50/0.12kw
Dimension (length * width * height) 3760*1650*1650
Weight 5500kg
Roundness 0.005mm  Cylindricity 0.008mm  Roughness Ra0.63um


Main uses and scope of application
1.1 It is mainly used for grinding the inner hole, concave end face, outer end face, multi-step inner hole and multi-step end face of cylinder block, bearing and other parts. It is a multi-purpose production-type internal cylindrical grinder. Mass production.

Main structure and characteristics
2.1 Overall structure
2.1.1 The machine bed is made of wear-resistant cast iron, integral casting, high stability.

2.1.2 The machine tool guide rail adopts flat-V static pressure guide rail, which has the characteristics of strong wear resistance and high movement accuracy.

2.1.3 The head stock is fixed (and can be manually adjusted longitudinally by 250mm as required), the worktable is reciprocated, and the grinding wheel frame is used for the feeding movement.

2.1.4 High-precision sleeve spindle is used in the head box, and high-precision P4-grade bearings are used on the front and rear of the spindle bearing, with high rotation accuracy, ensuring that the spindle has high bearing capacity and accuracy.

2.1.5 The spindle motor of the work-piece adopts the gate AC variable frequency motor, and the rotation of the work-piece is driven by the frequency converter to adjust the speed steplessly.

2.1.6 The worktable of the machine tool adopts a flat-V guide rail, and the movement stroke is increased to 750 mm. The bed adopts a split oil cylinder and an overall 800 mm, and the worktable adopts an overall wear-resistant casting.

2.1.6 Feeding mechanism: The feeding mechanism is fixed at the front end of the grinding frame, reciprocating with the worktable, and the grinding wheel feeding layout.

2.1.7 Grinding wheel dresser: The grinding wheel dresser is installed on the plane of the T-slot behind the bed, and the action of the dresser is controlled by hydraulic pressure or manually. When dressing the grinding wheel, the pressure oil moves the piston up and back to the turning wheel to automatically fall down, and the grinding wheel is manually fed for dressing.

2.1.7 Working clamping method: three-jaw chuck with a diameter of 380 is used, and special fixtures are ordered separately.

2.1.8 The machine tool is equipped with three sets of mechanical grinding wheel shafts. The rear grinding tool 1. BSJ140-01 outer diameter ¢ 140X350 is a general rear grinding tool, which can be interchanged and used conveniently and conveniently. Front grinding tool 2, BSJ25-01A outer diameter ¢105X410 is mainly used for inner hole grinding in the range of ¢150~¢250. Front grinding tool 3. BSJ50-01 outer diameter ¢140X460 is mainly used for inner hole grinding in the range of ¢250~¢500. Note: When other different grinding tools are specially ordered, other sizes of grinding can be satisfied.

2.1.9 End face grinding device: The end face grinding tool is installed on the headstock, and the grinding head is turned up and down by hydraulic pressure. The lateral movement of the grinding head is 0~250 mm, and the end grinding tools can be installed according to different lengths and sizes of customers. If there is no other requirement, it will be implemented according to the standard 250 mm stroke.

2.1.9 The machine tool is equipped with an independent cooling water tank, which can be cooled both internally and externally. Cool the work-piece sufficiently to prevent burns.

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