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LMX-4228 CNC Gantry machining centre

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Technical Parameter :

ITEM Description Unit Technical data
Workbench Dimensions (length X width  ) mm 4000 x 2000
T-slot (size×quantity×spacing) mm 22×10×180
Weight capacity Ton 18
Gantry Distance between two columns mm 2800
Distance from spindle end to worktable mm 300~1300
Travel X axis mm 4200
Y axis mm 2800+550(Milling head stroke)
Z axis mm 1000
Fast Speed X axis mm/min 10000
Y/Z axis 12000
Feed Speed X/Y axis mm/min 5~8000
Z axis 5~8000
Spindle Spindle rated power Kw 17/23
Spindle torque Nm 56.4/67.9
Spindle speed rpm 20000
Spindle taper HSK-A63
Ram cross section mm 480×410(Second track)
Precision positioning accuracy X mm 0.035(full length)
Y mm 0.025(full length)
Z mm 0.015(full length)
Repeatability X/Y/Z mm 0.023/0.020/0.015
Machine tool inspection accuracy standards GB/T 19362.1—2003
Others Total capacity of machine tool power KVA 60
Air pressure bar 6.5
Machine weight (approximately) T 45
Machine size (length X width X height) mm 11000*6400*5500

Product description :

1. The main structure of the equipment
This machine tool is a CNC fixed beam gantry machining center with a gantry frame structure designed by absorbing foreign technology. The column is fixed on the side of the bed, the beam is fixed on two columns, and a ram-type boring and milling head (spindle) is installed on the beam to form The gantry frame type symmetrical structure has high thermal symmetry, the whole machine has high rigidity, good stability, high dynamic and static characteristics, and high positioning accuracy of the machine tool.
The three linear motion coordinate axes of the machine tool are:
(1) Longitudinal movement of the worktable (X coordinate axis)
(2) The saddle moves along the beam (Y coordinate axis)
(3) Axial movement of the ram (Z coordinate axis)

2. Machine spindle
The main drive adopts the main shaft AC servo motor as the power source, and transmits the power to the main shaft group through the gearbox. The spindle group is made of well-known Taiwanese brands, with high precision and high performance. The gearbox and spindle group have constant temperature cooling to ensure the uniform temperature of the ram, which improves the stability of the spindle accuracy and the machining accuracy of the machine tool. The spindle box components adopt a double hydraulic cylinder balance mechanism to ensure the stability of the spindle box movement.

3. Feeding of each axis
X-axis drive-the servo motor drives the ball screw through the reducer to drive the worktable to move back and forth on the bed to realize the X-axis feed movement and pre-stretch the screw to improve the rigidity of the screw pair.
Y-axis drive-the servo motor drives the ball screw through the reducer to drive the saddle to move left and right on the beam to realize the Y-axis feed movement.
Z-axis drive-the servo motor drives the ball screw through the coupling, which drives the headstock to move up and down on the saddle to realize the Z-axis feed. In addition, the Z-axis motor has an automatic brake function. In the event of a power failure, the automatic brake will hold the motor shaft tightly to prevent it from rotating. This shaft adopts a double hydraulic cylinder balance mechanism to ensure the stability of the ram movement.

4. Basic parts
The machine bed, workbench, column, beam, ram, and saddle are all made of high-quality cast iron, which has undergone many aging treatments. The overall structure design of the machine tool adopts FEM finite element analysis and optimization technology to obtain higher rigidity. The bed and workbench of this machine tool are of a closed box-shaped structure, reinforced ribs are reasonably arranged, and multi-point support is adopted; the columns and beams are large cross-sections, and ribs are arranged vertically and horizontally, which have sufficient bending and torsion strength And the higher rigidity of the basic parts can meet the requirements of heavy-duty cutting.

5. Machine tool guide
X-axis guide rail pair-using two heavy-duty linear guides, low friction coefficient, high table sensitivity, low high-speed vibration, low-speed no creep, high positioning accuracy, excellent servo drive performance; at the same time, large load capacity, good cutting vibration resistance , Can improve the performance characteristics of the machine tool, improve the accuracy and stability of the machine tool and the service life of the machine tool.
Y-axis guide rail pair-adopts three heavy-duty linear guides, the beam adopts a large section, and the guide rails are arranged in a stepped manner, with sufficient bending rigidity and torsional rigidity.
Z-axis guide rail-Two heavy-duty linear guide rails are used to ensure smooth cutting during processing.

6. The hydraulic system and lubrication system of the machine tool
The main control components of the hydraulic system adopt well-known domestic brands, which are balanced and reliable.
Hydraulic system function: ram balance
Machine tool lubrication form: automatic thin oil lubrication guide rail and screw rod.

7. The cooling system and chip removal system of the machine tool
The cooling system of the machine tool adopts an external cooling method, and the cooling liquid is an emulsified non-corrosive liquid.
The chip removal system of the machine tool is conveyed to the front end of the bed through the chip conveyors on both sides of the bed, and the chips are discharged into the chip collecting trolley.

8. The protective device of the machine tool
The bed rail (X axis) adopts a rust-proof metal telescopic protective cover.
The beam guide (Y-axis) adopts an organ type protective cover.
The outer protection of the bed adopts a simple guard (only the operation area and the side of the tool magazine are protected).

9.Electrical System
The machine tool adopts Siemens 828D CNC system, equipped with 10.4″ color liquid crystal display + MDI operation panel; there are CF card interface and USB interface on the front of the display, and Ethernet interface and RS232C interface for communication on the back. The operation interface is displayed in Chinese (English available selected).

Standard Equipments

NO. Description Specifications and models QTY Maker
1 Anchor screw M36×2P×125×Ø17 1Set China
2 Ground anchor bolts and nuts M16×500L 1Set China
3 Machine mattress iron Ø140×Ø22×60 1Set China
4 Toolbox Allen wrench 2.5-10

Slotted screwdriver

Phillips screwdriver

Open-end wrench No. 32 plum open-end wrench

Air gun and spring air duct

Glass glue

1 Set China
5 Chip conveyor Two Nut and one Chain + chip picker 1 Set China
6 Spindle oil cooler Ruike 1 Set China
7 CF card 2G 1PCS China
8 USB card reader 1PCS China
9 Cable 5m 1PCS China
10 Transformer 60KVA 1PCS China

Optional Equipments

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