Gantry Machining Centre

XKW2132*40 Gantry type beam movable milling machining centre

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Technical Parameter :

ITEM Description Unit Technical data
Workbench Dimensions (length X width  ) mm 2500*4000
T-slot (size×quantity×spacing) mm 12*28*200
Weight capacity Ton 20
Gantry Distance between two columns mm 3200
Distance from spindle end to worktable mm 150-2150
Travel X/Y/Z axis axis mm 8300/3600/1000
W axis mm 1200mm
Fast Speed X/Y/Z axis axis m/min 10/10/10
Spindle Spindle rated power Kw 22/26
Vertical milling head rotation speed rpm 10-6000(6000rpm running shall be less than 2hours continuously)
Milling head spindle speed change automatic speed change ratio Low speed:1:5.5

High speed:1:1

Spindle torque(continuously 30min) Nm 770/910
Spindle speed rpm 10-6000
Spindle taper BT50
Pull stud number P50T-1-MAS403
Ram section size mm 450*450
Precision positioning (Accuracy GB/T19362.1-200) X/Y/Z mm 0.025/0.03/0.02
Repeatability(GB/T19362.1-2003) X/Y/Z mm 0.018/0.02/0.015
Others Total capacity of machine tool power KVA 60
Machine weight (approximately) T 80
Machine size (length X width X height) mm 12000*9700*8000

The machine tool is a complete brand new equipment produced by ANTSHICNC Co., Ltd. It has a highly rigid structural design, reliable accuracy, stability and retention, and complete matching. The component design adopts modularity, high degree of standardization, good interchangeability, stable quality, advanced machine tool design, reliable performance, easy operation and easy maintenance.At the same time, the machine tool is introduced by our company and digests and absorbs advanced European design and technology. The whole machine has a highly rigid frame structure design, so it not only has the ability to cut strongly, but also can meet the processing of precision parts.

Item Brand
Control system Fanuc
Spindle Taiwan Kenturn/CELLS
XYZ axis ballscrew Taiwan
Bearing for XYZ axis ballscrew Japan NSK
AC servo motor for spindle Fanuc
Driver for servo motor Fanuc
X/Y/Z servo motor Fanuc
Spindle gear box Germany ZF 2K250
Roller linear guideway Taiwan HIWIN/PMI : X:3-55#
Main electrical components Siemens or Schneider

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