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M71 Series wheel head moving surface grinder

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This product is a grinding head mobile horizontal axis flat surface grinder, which grinds various workpiece planes around the grinding wheel. It can also use the end surface of the grinding wheel to grind the vertical plane of the workpiece. The workpiece can be held firmly according to the size and shape of the workpiece On the electromagnetic chuck or fixed on the workbench. This machine can grind workpieces made of steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and other materials.

The machine tool adopts the t-type layout form, the guide rail on the column is equipped with a drag plate, the middle position of the guide rail is equipped with a vertical feed mechanism, the transmission accuracy is high, the interchangeabil- ity is good, the cross joint is connected in the transmission process, can compensate the center error of the lead screw and the reducer shaft. Closed hydraulic system is adopted for the movement of the worktable. The front and rear feed can be manually fed, the hydraulic feed can be automatically fed, and the lead screw can be fed automatically intermittently driven by a variable frequency motor. Adopt high strength cast iron foundation, grinding head spindle adopt bobbin or high rigidi- ty sleeve structure, the machine overall rigidity is strong, the quality is stable, the operation is stable.

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