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Slotting machine B5020

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Technical Parameter :

Model B5020
Maximum slotting length 200 mm
Maximum stroke of ram 220 mm
Maximum processing size of workpiece (length * width) 500*200 mm
Maximum weight of workpiece 400 kg
Maximum cutting force 7500 n
Ram reciprocating times per minute .
Ram vertical adjustment distance 230 mm
Ram tilt angle 0-8°
Distance from head supporting surface to front wall of bed 485 mm
Maximum size of inserting knife (length * width) 25*40 mm
Diameter of worktable 500 mm
The distance between the work surface and the lower end of the carriage 320 mm
Maximum longitudinal movement distance of worktable (motorized/manual) 400/450 mm
Maximum lateral movement distance of worktable (motorized/manual) 450/500 mm
Table rotary feed range 0.08-0.783 mm
main motor power 3 kw
Motor revolutions (calculated value) 430 RPM
Machine tool outline size (length*width*height) 1916*1305*1995 mm
Machine weight 2200 kg

Product description :

This machine tool is used to process the plane, profile and keyway of various workpieces. It can also be used for processing various punching dies. This machine tool is used in batch production factories, single small batch production factories and use repair shops, and it is also suitable for processing small parts on capital construction sites.

The machining accuracy of this machine tool can reach three levels.

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