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Swiss Type Slitting Automatic CNC Lathe G205E

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Technical Parameter :

Main axis configuration The main and auxiliary shafts are electronically controlled servo motorized spindles, oil-cooled. The speed is 12000 rpm.
Processing material diameter Φ2mm-20mm
Feeding length at one time 140mm
Spindle setting working speed 8000 Rpm
Turning tool Number of tools 17pcs
Tool Specifications □12x12mm
End processing Number of tools Front Fixing Tool 4pcs
drilling capacity Fixed Tool Φ8mm
Maximum cutting and tapping capacity Fixed Tool M6
Lateral Rotation Tool Number of tools 4pcs
Tool Specifications ER16*2+ER11*2
Drilling Capacity φ8mm
Tapping Capacity M6
Milling Capacity φ10mm
Max. saw blade milling cutter diameter 30 mm
Max. speed 5000min-1
power 0.75Kw
Rapid speed Z1 24m/min
X1 30m/min
Y1 30m/min
Spindle maximum working revolutions 8000min-1
Spindle positioning accuracy C-axis control (0.001º)
Spindle power 3.7/2.2kw
Spindle through hole diameter φ22mm
Coolant capacity 100L
Cooling motor power 0.85kw
Dimensions (L*W*H) 2100*1100*1780mm
Machine weight 2800kg
Sub-spindle (SUB) configuration
Max. machining diameter φ20mm
Max. discharge part length 80mm (the rear discharge length is not limited)
Max. clamping protrusion length 50mm
Fixed processing tool holder and driven tool holder ER11/ER16 5 pieces (2 power knives and 3 fixed knives can be selected) or 4 power knives
Rapid speed Z2 24m/min
X2 30m/min
Max. number of revolutions of the second spindle 8,000min-1
Positioning accuracy of the second spindle C-axis control (0.001º)
Second spindle power 2.2/1.1kw

Shanghai ANTISHI G205E Swiss-type CNC longitudinal cutting machine tool can meet all processing procedures such as cutting, milling, drilling, and grinding for the above products. If there are products with more changeable process and process requirements, our company can provide other types of machine tools for customers to choose according to customers’ processing requirements.

Name Specifications Quantity/Set Details
CNC longitudinal cutting automatic lathe G205E 1/Set ——
Oil film automatic feeder 20 Type 1/Set ——
Number of turning tools 12×12■/ 5PCS 1/Set Standard configuration
Spindle side power unit ER16*2+ER11*2 1/Set Standard configuration
Spindle face fixed tool ER11*4 1/Set Standard configuration
Fixed tool on counter shaft end face ER11*5 1/Set Standard configuration
Synchronous Rotation Guide Bushing 1/Set Standard configuration
Product Automatic Receiver 1/Set Standard configuration
High pressure pump 1/Set Optional
Oil Mist Separator 1/Set Optional
Chuck TSUGAMI 1/Set Standard configuration
Bushing TSUGAMI 1/Set Standard configuration
Remark The distribution of driven tool holders can be selected according to product requirements

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