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CNC lathe in automobile brake disc/drum

The brake disc is the friction couple of the disc brake, and the brake drum is the friction couple of the drum brake. In addition to various retarding devices, automobile brakes are almost all friction brakes that use the friction between the fixed element and the working surface of the rotati...... [Read More]

Metal Band Saws For Track Cutting

Horizontal Mitre band sawing machine is mainly used for profile sawing, especially suitable for H type, I steel and other large change, easy to punch profile sawing surface. With high cutting efficiency, energy saving, saw edge narrow, energy saving materials, simple operation and so on. Mainl...... [Read More]

Aluminum Cutting Band Saw Cutting Technology

Aluminum alloy has high strength and cost performance and is the preferred material for automotive lightweight. Aluminum is about one-third as dense as steel, and aluminum is about 50 percent stronger than strong steel. For every kilogram of aluminum, it replaces 2 kilograms of steel and saves...... [Read More]

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