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Aluminum Cutting Band Saw Cutting Technology

Aluminum alloy has high strength and cost performance and is the preferred material for automotive lightweight. Aluminum is about one-third as dense as steel, and aluminum is about 50 percent stronger than strong steel. For every kilogram of aluminum, it replaces 2 kilograms of steel and saves 3.1 gallons of oil. In terms of cost performance, the price of aluminum alloy is about 150% higher than steel, but far lower than carbon fiber composite materials. Aluminum alloy can be widely used in automobile, and the intensity of aluminum consumption increases gradually under the wave of lightweight. Aluminum alloy can be applied to the body, engine, wheel and other structural parts and components, in the context of the appeal of energy conservation and environmental protection and the progress of aluminum alloy technology, aluminum alloy in the automobile consumption intensity increased year by year. The production and sales of New energy vehicles in China have been ranked first in the world for six consecutive years, and the sales of new energy vehicles in China continue to rise this year.

So applied to aluminum sawing cutting equipment is also essential, then we need to confirm that we need to find a cutting equipment that meets the requirements of sawing production, whether it is semi-automatic equipment or automatic equipment, or robot arm processing and other ways.

Automotive industry aluminum cutting is generally die-cast aluminum alloy, followed by extrusion aluminum profiles, and finally a small amount of aluminum plate aluminum application. Then these materials need to be processed certainly can’t be realized on one equipment, then we have several types of equipment to choose from.

1.Die-casting aluminum cutting saw is mainly semi-automatic equipment or the mode processing of robot arm structure. Because the material is short and large, it is a heterosexual structure, and there will be cutting edges falling in the processing of aluminum alloy die-casting parts, which will hit the equipment or saw cutting tools. The performance requirements of the equipment will be higher, and the equipment requirements will be solid.

2, Extrusion aluminum alloy (such as auto parts).Can be semi-automatic equipment, can also be automatic equipment, such as the workpiece demand product is consistent, large quantity, can choose automatic aluminum cutting machine, so as to save labor and processing costs.

3, Aluminum plate material processing.Such materials are used in the automotive industry, mainly with CNC processing center, often need to do some hollowing, drilling, milling concave processing in the plate door. And some process accuracy requirements are also high, so are the use of CNC machining center equipment to complete.

ANTISHI aluminum profile cutting metal band saw machine can process consistent parts faster, it is more efficient than traditional machining. Cutting technology promises to reduce processing time and production costs. Recent innovations in metal band saw systems have led to a reassessment of the advantages of automotive aluminum profiles cutting machines.

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