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Heavy Steel Keel Structural Cutting-CH-600SA Angle Band Saw

Recently, a person in charge of Gang Construction Company from Australia purchased a heavy steel cutting band sawing machine-CH-600SA in our company.According to the statistics:”Over 80% of our business is from repeat customers or referrals. Each custom metal building project is as uni...... [Read More]

Copper Bar Online Cutting Special Sawing Machine

Product description: It is used for online sawing in front of the factory furnace, and it is used in conjunction with the tractor; With automatic operation of the whole process of feeding, pressing, sawing, discharging and turning; With multi-point control mode, the power of the machine tool c...... [Read More]

band sawing machine for steel cutting in construction industry

If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. Metal sawing is usually considered to be a simple cutting and blanking process. With the development of modern manufacturing in the direction of high precision and economy, sawing, as the starting point of metal cutting, has beco...... [Read More]

Metal band saw cutting steel bars

Application of Steel Bar Cutting in Metal Band Sawing Machine The straight thread of steel bar is usually connected with a toothless saw to cut the steel bar, and even the ordinary steel bar cutting machine is used for cutting on the spot. Afterwards, it is necessary to grind the ends to meet ...... [Read More]

Metal band sawing machine in Steel industry

The development of sawing machine is inseparable from the progress of skills, difficult to process data and aluminum processing to a certain extent restrict the development of sawing machine occupation, with a comprehensive automation level of slow higher function sawing machine is the demand ...... [Read More]

Metal Band Sawing Machines in Construction Industry

The purpose of metal band sawing machine is to solve the problems of uneven incision after traditional machine processing, high construction site investment cost, poor joint appearance effect, low efficiency and slow construction progress. The above problems can be effectively solved by using ...... [Read More]

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