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Metal band sawing machine in Steel industry

The development of sawing machine is inseparable from the progress of skills, difficult to process data and aluminum processing to a certain extent restrict the development of sawing machine occupation, with a comprehensive automation level of slow higher function sawing machine is the demand of modern shopping malls.

Improving the production power and automation level is the decisive element to develop sawing skills at present. The current. In addition to the traditional steel sawing processing, sawing machine professional production plant began to face the new challenge, these representative sawing machine will be used for sawing nickel and chromium content is very high difficult to process data, such new data and automation resolution of the sawing machine occupation.

Data with high nickel and chromium content, attributed to difficult processing data, put forward stringent requirements for sawing machine and users. However, these materials are difficult to process, because of their high mechanical strength and wear resistance characteristics, so many occupations are increasing the demand for this kind of data. It is said that the decisive elements of the economical operation of a sawing machine are related to the balance of its various machining parameters, such as cutting speed, feed speed, and cooling function.

Many steel trading companies want to use sawing machines that require few operators. To reach the foundation of this policy, it is obvious that perfect thinking logic is required to ensure the automatic loading and unloading of raw materials in the feedstock. All processing steps, such as sawing, including drilling and shot peening, must be centrally controlled by an automated intelligent transportation system. In choosing linear guide skills, hydraulic workpiece clamping system of eyelid and hydraulic system, automatic band saw after the secondary processing of hydraulic parts, the existing series of processing equipment, in the aspect of value received big ups and downs of ascension, heard and even more effectively support the users, progress to produce power, drop the normal operation of secondary moment.

Fully electric band saw machine saves power and environmental protection. “In recent years, the need for a modern sawing machine has clearly increased. This includes the need for precision, economy, sensitivity and power, all of which must be satisfied at the same time. ANTISHI metal band saw machine tool company, on the one hand, selects a skill optimization method to meet these needs, on the other hand, selects a series of full solutions to improve economy and save production time, and fundamentally optimize the delivery route.

ANTISHI metal band saw machine tool company was obviously one of the first manufacturers of this profession, the first to introduce the electric saw cutting feed and electric data feed system to a variety of machine tools. In addition, the band saw data was optimized to extend its service life. And practice further proves that this kind of sawing machine can save a lot of power.

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