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Metal Band Sawing Machines in Construction Industry

The purpose of metal band sawing machine is to solve the problems of uneven incision after traditional machine processing, high construction site investment cost, poor joint appearance effect, low efficiency and slow construction progress. The above problems can be effectively solved by using a metal band saw. The working procedure is to turn on the power and turn on the switch – turn the clamp, adjust the jaw – adjust the hydraulic system pressure – adjust the saw frame through the “up” and “down” buttons – press “work” button to start working. After comparing the metal band sawing machine with traditional tools, it is found that more than 200,000 yuan can be saved in terms of economic effects, shortening the construction period, and in terms of environment, it occupies less space, consumes less electricity, and has low noise, which is in line with the four-section and one-environmental protection in green construction. Energy saving, land saving and environmental protection requirements fully reflect the meaning of green construction technology demonstration projects.

Shanghai ANTS Machinery Equipment Metal Band Saw Machine is a special equipment for cutting various metal materials and non-metal materials. It has high speed, high efficiency, high workpiece geometric accuracy, convenient operation and maintenance, reliable performance, energy saving, material saving, etc. Significant advantages, widely used in machinery manufacturing industry and construction industry for sawing rebar steel.

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