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Metal band saw cutting steel bars

Application of Steel Bar Cutting in Metal Band Sawing Machine

The straight thread of steel bar is usually connected with a toothless saw to cut the steel bar, and even the ordinary steel bar cutting machine is used for cutting on the spot. Afterwards, it is necessary to grind the ends to meet the requirements of the specification, and when cutting one by one, it also needs to be ground, the efficiency is low, and the quality does not meet the requirements.

The metal sawing machine is used, and the steel bar is cut with a hacksaw to cut the steel bar. The rear end of the cutting is flat, and no secondary processing is required, and the cutting can be cut into bundles of steel bars. The cutting efficiency is high, the cost is low, the number of people is small, and the quality is high.

1. Metal band sawing machine steel cutting efficiency

One bundle of steel bars (about 3t) is cut at a time, that is, about 280 steel bars with a diameter of 14 and about 100 steel bars with a diameter of 25 (the specific number is mainly based on the number of bundled steel bars entering the field), and the cutting time is about 13-17 minutes , It takes 3-5 minutes to adjust the compression, and the total time is about 16-22 minutes.

2. Metal band sawing machine rebar cutting type: semi-automatic and fully automatic
Band sawing machine is mainly used for sawing various metal materials such as alloy structural steel, medium carbon steel, low alloy steel, heat-resistant touch steel SKT, high alloy steel, special alloy steel and stainless steel, bearing steel, acid-resistant steel, straightening steel and so on.

3. The working principle of metal band sawing machine rebar cutting technology.

(1) Main components
Base, bed and support seat, beam and transmission mechanism, guide device, workpiece tightening, tensioning device, feeding frame, hydraulic transmission system, electrical control system, lubrication and cooling system

(2) Working principle
The steel bars are hoisted in bundles to the feeding rack, the lifting and moving rack is raised and lowered, the oil cylinder is raised, the workpiece is lifted slightly, the hand wheel is turned to move the axle left and right, and the length and size of the axle are adjusted to the correct sawing position. After the sawing position is aligned, use a vice For the centering and clamping work, the tightening mechanism tightens the steel bars and then starts the beam and the transmission mechanism, the main motor runs, the saw blade starts to run and cuts, the water pump starts to pump water, and the “stepless speed regulation” is used to adjust the feed speed of the saw blade, and the cutting and cooling system (three) Road cooling system) is automatically turned on, the first way to the saw brush is to rinse the iron filings, the first way is to cool and lubricate the cutting area of ​​the saw blade, and the third way goes directly to the cutting area. The good tendons are hoisted to the processing area, and a cycle of work is carried out.

ANTISHI metal band sawing machine brand is analyzed according to previous customer usage: in the sawing process, the cutting fluid can not only take away a lot of cutting heat, reduce the temperature of the sawing area, but also play a lubricating role, reduce the friction between the tooth tip and the material, reduce Cutting force increases saw blade durability and productivity. The cutting fluid usually has the functions of cooling, lubricating, cleaning, preventing the generation of chip edges and improving the anti-rust function.

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